Correct work of the police has been evaluated protesters in central Moscow

Protesters against unfair elections, which gathered in the center of Moscow, has been rated the correct work station. Police managed to organize a massive human flow, to ensure order during the largest collection in the modern history of Russia. On Bolotnaya Square, according to various estimates, to express disagreement with their own elections gathered 30 thousand (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs) to 85 thousand man (According to the organizers).

First, the main objective of the meeting was to organize the militia passage from Revolution Square, where it first was planned meeting, on marshy. The best part of those who came to area Revolution of the postponement of the meeting knew that, but came out of enthusiasm — or see what happens at an unsanctioned rally, will be organized as either a "transfer" to the swamp.

Police with the assistance of the organizers of the rally failed to fulfill this ideal: on the route fenced protesters slender columns have focused on marshy. Despite the sometimes unheard cries of the crowd, did not take any.

At the same time, the problem was solved at Bolotnaya rapid expansion of space for protesters — who came opened Square. Also received a disturbing message that threatens Luzhkov Bridge collapse due to the weight of thousands of people. The passage of the bridge was closed, the river boats were withdrawn.

In the first part of the rally gathered the most resounding roar greeted word ombudsman Vladimir Lukin, who thanked the police, "supporting the protesters."

By evening, the main task was to organize waste thousands of protesters in Bolotnaya Square. First, the outgoing barred from the area near the Kremlin, which had been closed the first half of the day or, but due to the influx of people approaches have been re-covered. Protesters sprawling with a good mood — organized by routes that have established a cordon following the correct instructions from the police.

Toward the close of the rally from the scene once again thanked the police: "My friends, you behaved like militia at least some democratic country. Thank you! "Protesters chanted,"Militia with the people! "

The biggest "incident" on Bolotnaya Square was the ignition of several flares. In addition, samples were taken to bring down the helicopter drone skyrocket. The helicopter apparently had the camera from "Reedus' (she is in online mode, and it does not work).

Evening task GU MVD in Moscow had to deal with large traffic jams in the area of embankments near the Kremlin and Moskva River.

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