Corruption as a public tragedy

Does it seem weird to you, ladies and gentlemen (or friends, it's as you like) that in Russia a couple of years officially declared a war against corruption, and any special achievements in the field of society does not feel? Naturally, the authorities constantly report before us, that the movement in this direction is, created the legal framework adopted several national plans and strategies.

Indeed, all in the imperative structures takes place. And that is what is causing a sense of virtual events. Since it is unlikely country, its citizens to discover felt that corruption and corruption in Russia has dropped. So what's the deal? Try to understand, because I wish to express my vision and the vision of the available prepyadstviya.

But first, let's define some terminology. So, corruption (from the Latin corrumpere — defile). Term referring to the introduction of an official of the mandatory features of their own and trusted him right for personal gain, contrary to law and moral values. More often the term is used in relation to the bureaucracy and the political elite. Corruption is naikrupneyshim obstacle to economic growth and development, as well as belongs to the category of crimes against the state power, the consequences of which could result in the loss of statehood and sovereignty of the country.

It is crucial for the realization that in what unsafe features is the our country, our our homeland.

Certainly, one can imagine that corruption, in Russia has adopted the scale of public danger, too, without resistance is not going to give up. But the scope and depth of penetration into all layers of the society it follows that the forces of resistance in corruption are also considerable. Not the case, apparently, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika at a meeting on the subject pointed out that at the moment the priority areas are operational to detect and prevent a major illegal acts committed on the basis of the system in large and extra large size, in the criminal groups and criminal networks. This, according to him, evidenced by an increase shred revealed the atrocities committed on a large or extra large size, the growth of the average bribe and commercial payoff.

Certainly, the directions are correct. But, from my point of view, they are selected on the basis of true simple approach: how Floors made corrupt system may either want to get the prosecutor's office. And this is a very important point, because it is a direct demonstration of the fact — is there a general in Russia systematic approach to the fight against corruption and the extent to which specific services are with her struggle.
I wish to explain what I mean. For sure, all the attention is directed that the main corrupt we were doctors, teachers, police officers, while usually lower and middle levels. From time to time, information on the fly some regional minister, who was accused of wrongdoing, poured out as a result of causing real harm to millions of rubles. Then spend on television in handcuffs, some military bureaucrat who has stolen and squandered a 10's millions on games at the casino. And, above the official level of corruption is not rising. As if the command is given, respectively. One can imagine, for example, that we have the governor's body simply standard of cleanliness of the job. Here, in the past year have removed as much of the whole of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov with unusual at that time, the wording "for the loss of confidence." It is much later that we learned that the phrase means, in fact, the prosecution of corruption. And after all that? Where a criminal case, why did not hear even a disk imaging, that the special services are working in this direction? So it still has to mean complete quiet and shy investigators take samples for questioning relaxed living in Austria, wife of ex-Mayor Ms. Baturina? The fact that Luzhkov is clean before the law or the fact that the respective authorities lack the competence of the professor (and, perhaps, the desire?) To bring this matter to an end?

Here, at least some people get lost in conjectures, since there are other examples that cause very little weird association. There was no time to have now the former governor of the Moscow region Boris Gromov, deputy, who was accused of stealing a billion budget funds. Do you think that sits in Butyrka? Did not happen: quiet, a couple of years living in the West and, according to witnesses, skiing in Courchevel. His last boss after nedavneshney resignation reportedly going to settle down in the Federation Council, allegedly wants to be a senator. And whether the result, if confirmed by theft or honesty of officials, all of it covered with a strange lurking. Such examples are many. Yes, and without this it is clear that the fight against corruption RF are, in the main, to the grassroots and the middle level. And to be — at the top.

This trend is particularly visible in the bright respect to the base enlarged, like a cancer, corruption, which at first are members of Yeltsin's gangster privatization and joined them in the upcoming bandyugany and thieves (sorry, ripped off orange) zero years. These people were taken from the RF In total, 450 billion. bucks for the whole period from the 90s to the present day. I will not even call them names. In most all of them at the hearing, to adorn the magazine Forbes. And these vampires live in London, the luxurious mansions and apartments, rest in Courchevel and azure shore, spit on Russia for its entire people and, most importantly, and mercantile, in my opinion, try to be participants in the political processes taking place in our country or influence on them. Willing to enter into the process as the hosts psevdonarodnymi mottos, using our tools with you, stolen and taken over the limit. And they do it to the same as without regard to Russia and the Russian authorities of their British and other patrons all taken away from them because the funds have been taken out in another country, are the property of the particular country in which they are located.

By the way, I heard that in the European Union, if you can not justify the optimal purchase of its own money, the money confiscated. In my opinion, very true. Let though the international community will help the Russian Federation in the fight against thieves and corrupt officials. Just feel sorry for our foreign crooks feeding people and developing the economy of foreign countries, and we again obtain the donut hole.

So there are hard questions: we do not have their own mechanisms to catch fugitives who stole people's money, with which you can drop them off revealing behind bars and substitute some declarations and public relations on the stiffness? Or maybe all tied: the runaways, and some high-ranking representatives of our country? And it still is one feature of the sovereign Russian corruption?

Specificity here in bulk. Russian bribery inherent weight of their own colors and dimensions. I could not agree with many of my coworkers political scientists, reminding us of the current Russian so called system of feeding. This system exists for many centuries, and it is thriving at the moment. As a century back, the bureaucrats came to power, begin to live at the expense of their own positions and this is typical for virtually all regions of the country. I agree with another thesis: corruption in Russia is different from the European or American besides the fact that it is initiated by citizens or businesses for any preferences or in order to circumvent the law, and representatives of the bureaucracy on the basis of existing laws and procedural rules. And it is in fact an organized bureaucracy, power methods, forcing people to build relationships in the system of power — a society on the basis of corrupt practices.

Last particularly disturbing. In this situation, fight against corruption can only be developed with universities civilian society, the presence of which in the Russian Federation says it is not necessary. Instead of this, the majority of people consider corruption as part of a social contract with the government of mutual co-existence and therefore Makar, corruption in Russia is part of the ideology of society's relationship. And it already takes the corruption of government threats to discharge a national catastrophe. So how to give and take bribes start everything from primitive prosaic logic: if it is up there, take, why me ordinary doctor (teachers, police, military, etc.) can not? Take all means, and I can. Murder for the moral state of society, and the means for the country as a result of the situation.

Hard for me to find an explanation for why the management of the country in an attempt to overcome if not, then at least curb corruption and hoped that it will do so by creating a legal basis only. Such a memory, as if he was struck by so called legislomaniya — the belief in the omnipotence of the laws, rules, regulations. Trying to solve the problem of corruption, using only that — in Russia obviously doomed to failure. In a very kutsee time corruption in the country has become the most lucrative, but also means the cutest thing. There is evidence, based on the results-independent research. Of these, it follows that the market of corruption in Russia is seeking 300 billion dollars a year! This is — mind-boggling figure. And for the "development" of such facilities under full moral degradation of the Russian bureaucracy and the moral foundations of society will compete in at least some people, no matter what laws have been enacted to combat corruption. Yes actually speaking, this occurs. Even the authorities recognize that only an increase in the amount of bribes, bureaucrats fear, but take, as if for the last time. Only the last one for some reason it does not.

I can not in this context does not remember a story. She told me a journalist, who got the interview a few years back at a very senior bureaucrat, who headed one of the commissions for the fight against corruption. When asked why the company does not see the results of anti-corruption activities, the bureaucrat asked to turn off the recorder and whispered, looking around, said it's simple. If you undertake such a task in the municipal scale, it is necessary to represent the forces which will be for you to resist what you have the funds for it, the ability and tools. And if not, why you take up?

To me, this says it all, and said as clearly. I think that the newly elected President Putin (who in a very complicated situation for the country given a great credit of trust), along with all neuvvyazkami piled up on our long-suffering people, will have to deal with the corruption puzzle. Without her permission, no other development or one Social project will not work. Will he be able to cope with this discrepancy, bring to order? I believe and hope so.

And our people are equally civilized civilian society, which is not all snowstorm votresh and who do not give a damn how they and their kids will live on in this country. As a political scientist I wish to express my gratitude to my staff plainclothes profession: journalists and political scientists, who rocked society, identifying and highlighting various social ills, and not give in to impale people coming dishonest bureaucrats, businessmen and other scum. And people, as shown by the recent actions, the terrible force. The question of who it is and where. And what would happen. If the lead is strong, honest leader, patriot, then so people move mountains. And our people itself is.

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