Corruption is a huge star

In the near future frequent scandals, public figures portrayed in large Russian army officers. Yesterday, the press service of the Head of the military investigation department (GVSU), the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation informed the "NG" to initiate criminal proceedings against the chief of staff — first deputy commander of the Southern Military Area (SOUTH) Gen.-Lieutenant Nicholas Pereslegina. He is suspected of having committed a crime under Part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (abuse of official capacity). The greatest line of punishment for such an act — deprivation of liberty for up to 4 years, a large fine and a ban occupy key positions in the next 5 years.

Chief Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky work added

Meanwhile, last week walked rumors that Pereslegina, which has a similar case with the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov, had planned to appoint the Commander of the Western Military neighborhood instead of Colonel General Arkady Bakhina. They say that precisely because of the patronage Makarova Pereslegin headed for career heights in the military service. But GVSU at the request of the 1st of former subordinates Pereslegina fraud charges last evaluation, in which he "did not have bad and appropriate information about the reality of official preparing "an officer. As a result, the officer was illegally dismissed from military service. It achieves fairness, so that the institution of criminal proceedings against Pereslegina looks completely logical and fair. As told "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" acquainted sources in military justice, Garrison Tribunal of Rostov-on-Don has confirmed the autographic writing Pereslegin phony appraisals.

In the post-Soviet Russian Army is the first case where the opportunities for abuse of officials may be punished chief Staff of the Military neighborhood. Although large criminal cases against the generals, unfortunately, is not unique. Last week, completed the trial of the former head of the Head of the military medical management (GVMU) Alexandra Belevitin, which the purchase of scanners received a bribe of 180 thousand euros. Until some time Belevitin as Pereslegin, the elite General Ministry of Defense. Around him as stubbornly walked rumors that Tipo patronage he created himself, President Vladimir Putin, whose husband Belevitin operated. But rumors soon dissipated. Belevitin received the greatest crime in the history of post-Soviet Armed Forces of the sentence for the generals — eight years in prison. In March last year, was convicted last chief The Head of the Department of Educational Forces Gen.-Major General Anatoly Bashlakov. In other words, the person who should teach moral principles of the personnel of the army and navy, was simple bandyuganov. Gen. sentenced to 7 years in prison for accepting a bribe of 700 thousand rubles. In 2000 he was sent to jail chief financial Defence, Colonel-General Jora Oleynik — in the case of controversial netting with Ukraine.

As it turns out, the punishment of the generals — this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the military courts, the army and navy officers swept the crime, theft and bribery. At GVSU noted that in 5 months in 2012 by military investigators recorded above 4.1 thousand crimes. Almost half of them (over 1.8 million) amounted to military atrocities in any compelling fraction associated with corruption.

General Pereslegin charged with abuse of possibilities.
Shot from NTV news story

Army investigators record the growth of crimes related to forgery and abuse.

In February 2012, Main Military Prosecutor's Office has noted that corruption is due every third criminal act committed by the military in 2011. Almost half of them — fraud and forgery, more than a third — bribery, abuse and excess capacity. In the words of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation — the main military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky in 2011 for "a variety of corruption attacks on military property and economical means of 144 convicted commander of military units." At the request of the military prosecutors eliminated above 248 thousand violations of the law, set aside more than 11 thousand illegal acts, to different kinds of responsibilities for various violations involved about 40 thousand violators. Restore the rights of over 600 million military personnel and other people in the municipal treasury returned nearly $ 4 billion. rub.

Yesterday also became clear that the head of the military topography of the General Staff, Rear Admiral Sergei Kozlov became involved in the case of unlawful distribution of navigational charts. According to GVSU RF IC, "against Kozlov criminal case under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of options with serious consequences). " Chief Surveyor General Staff gave the order to conclude licensing contracts with commercial firms to the publication of nautical charts. That, according to the investigation, the government has brought harm to the amount of more than 9.5 million rubles.
So Makarov, until bottoms are trying to give the army (as indicated above), a new species, some generals and admirals discredit the armed forces on full, as they say, the program.

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