Corruption rules the roost

During his own speech at the meeting of the board of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office (PRT) last Thursday, which was devoted to the results of work in the 1st half of the year, the head of the Minister Sergei Fridinsky said only one positive figure — a decline of 11% compared to the same period in 2010 Crimes recorded directly in the armed forces and military formations. It can be said a significant drop, says chief military Attorney, is "a collaborative work with the military courts, the command, the security authorities in the armed forces, police or the institutions of civilian society."

At the same time, to call the current situation in the army of one hundred percent prosperous unrealistic. Harm to the state of the manifestations of corruption in the Russian army in the 1st half of 2011 amounted to 620 million rubles, and the bribery and extortion in the military became commonplace.

Sergei Fridinskiy said that over the past six months for criminal and administrative proceedings were brought 16 thousand violators of the law, and to the municipal coffers thanks to the work of the military prosecutors returned 700 million.

Chief Military prosecutor previously stated that in municipal defense order is stolen almost every 5th economical ruble, and now has added fuel to the fire of the complex relationship between President Dmitry Medvedev and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. According to the manager of GWP in the past 18 months, the prosecutor's investigation in municipal defense contracts revealed almost 1.5 thousand offenses, the harm of which amounted to many hundreds of millions of rubles. The main premise of this — the shortcomings of the ordering patterns, dishonesty control of certain defense companies, the lack of the necessary control of the military supervisors and customers of the quality of our products, and often the most ordinary wrongful acts.

S.Fridinsky noted that the military prosecutors, along with the command of the Ministry of Defence have brought significant adjustments to the eminent orders number 400 and number 115, which regulate the currency surcharge officers and that led to the fact that the army was sonorous wave of corruption scandals. The biggest scandal occurred in the Lipetsk aviation center, after the pilot Igor Sulima said of extortion by the command center. S.Fridinskiy also noted that instead of the order to react instantaneously, the command of the Air Force gave special attention to the strong pressure on the pilots. Incidentally, criminal cases investigated by the established facts of extortion in almost every area of military and fleets.

Separately S.Fridinsky braked to offenses involving the use of federal facilities. These violations, saw the chief military prosecutor, have now become ubiquitous. As of the 1st of the latest examples S.Fridinsky cited the situation with military town in Krasnodar. It is estimated to be worth more than 1.5 billion, but free trade was exposed at a cost of more than 3.5 times lower demand by visiting military prosecutors had until temporarily withdrawn from sale. In total, during the last 18 months by military prosecutors was established more than 30 thousand of similar violations, harm the country from criminal activity exceeded 1 billion.

Also, the chief military prosecutor calls unacceptable that local consular authorities with the consent of the taciturn some commanders left and right are selling the land for the construction of which relate to restricted areas and areas near the bases and stockpiles of supplies of ammunition and weapons. "The consequences of the bombings in Kazinka, Pugachevo Umraniye and showed what a huge danger of these acts are for a huge number of people. On behalf of the President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev specifically territorial and military prosecutors now are checking the situation on the ground and in the case of violations of conduct abolition of illegal decisions ", — said S.Fridinsky.

And although the overall crime in the army now reduced by 10%, while at the same time, the growth of crimes involving violence takes — from their already affected more than 2 million troops. A significant portion of the crimes committed by servicemen passing military service, thus, it usually happens at the state soil. This indicates that the army can not defeat the chaos, which continue to hold the recruits from the Caucasian republics. More vserasprostranennye crime in this case — the "bodily injury" and extortion. Keep up with conscripts and officers. According S.Fridchinskogo number of assault in the middle of Russian officers in the current year has increased by more than 15%, and among junior officers — twice. For example, in the last 6 months for assault, criminal proceedings have attracted 75 young lieutenant graduates who not so long ago, almost fell to the troops and were assigned to different positions of command.

Some analysts are inclined to believe that in part responsible for the rise in crime in the armed forces shall be assigned and the representatives of Military Justice. First, it is based on the fact that often the officers of the law are themselves involved in various corruption schemes. The introduction of the military police, according to the views of S.Fridinskogo, could help to decrease the number of crimes in the military. But with all this Chief Military prosecutor pointed out that the crime rate is usually determined by social factors rather than by the presence in the armed forces special body for the protection of law and order.

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