Daughter to father

Vladimir's daughter Eva Neklyaeva and a representative of the campaign "European Belarus" Ivashkevich this week were the guests of the program "Time and the World" Russian service of Radio Liberty.

The daughter of a father — 1

"My father was exposed as an independent candidate from the public campaign" Tell the Truth. " The name of the company — it is the fact that his father was the most important thing — to tell the truth. Because Belarusians tired of the huge number of lies that they fray of all, as they are called, "the media", and actually this is propaganda media in Belarus. Belarusians, even those who are not interested in politics, they say, oh, how much can you? It's clear that everybody lies. But why? How much can you lie? And it is tell the truth was the most important thing for the father in this company, and it is now the most important thing for us. "

The daughter of a father — 2

"Now the generation that is for us, who grew up under Lukashenko, they do not know what The Soviet Union, for example, but at the same time they have grown up under this constant propaganda. You understand that there is a constant pressure. People get used to many things, but even they are now slowly starting to wake up. And in many ways a trip to Europe when you come in the very Prague, you can sit on the lawn, going to Minsk, you can not sit on the lawn. Questions: Why can not sit on the lawn? "


Nekljaev, Neklyaeva

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