Dead seals found in Australia

On Sunday, January 15 at one of the beaches in the south of Australia were found about fifty dead carcasses of New Zealand fur seals. As they washed up on shore, and what is the cause of their deaths is unknown, reports

What is known is that by the time the animals washed ashore, they were dead for about a week. They were mostly young ones.

To clarify the reasons for the mass deaths seals were taken three seal carcasses.

Today, January 17, pending the outcome of the opening of animals.

New Zealand fur seal lives today mainly on the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, as well as the southern and western coasts of Australia. In addition, its colonies are found on sub-Antarctic islands Antipodes Archipelago Auckland, Bounty Islands, the archipelago Chatham and Campbell islands. Several hundred New Zealand fur seals live on the south coast of Tasmania.

Male fur seals from the females are not only weight and size, but the presence of small black mane. Adult males reach up to 2.5 meters in length, their weight can be up to 180 pounds

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