Death is an illusion

October 5, 2011 22:01

What is the proper meaning of our existence to you?

Why soul strings all the time stretched to the limit and is about ready to mercilessly burst, and not waiting for her virtuosic mastery.

Why is the spirit, soul and body, like a swan, crayfish and pike in famous fable, simply can not come to an agreement, and therefore the total journey?

How to find the fundamental existence, pointing to each of us the way to his home, where are always welcome, loved and immensely happy to return to the original.

In the meaning of life has its own sister — values. Values, you say, are different.

But love, in spite of the billions of colors, in essence one.

Love of life we all have similar its importance, resulting in a world of illusion and acquisitions always through the new birth.

Love of life drives us like chess pieces on a game board of life
until then, until you hear the inner call, which marks the end of the next cycle.

And then the light of the soul begins to separate from the center of his body to break the thread of one life to weave it into a bundle of eternity.


Parting is always very painful. And if the head still dominate intrusive thoughts that this parting is going nowhere, then there is certainly not to complacency.

Especially hard when szhivaetsya with his personal attire so closely that sometimes you forget that this is only an imperfect and corruptible form which conceals the true "I" — the soul.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the return to the world of our forefathers shrouded in an aura of mystery and uncertainty, and often worse — fear.

But there are also those who do, subconsciously feels that behind the veil of death is something that makes the heart beat faster when the words of a hymn like antiquity because the point of death:

"With the power of wisdom and vision of the higher 'I', the sage rises from this world into this other world of Paradise, leaving behind death …" How reassuring, yet ghostly …

"The ancient wisdom, despite all the insight, is not able to penetrate the mystery of forces that are emerging in the death of the human nature. She can not see that in the dying body already have the basis for reviving. " Rudolf Mayer, "In the space of time here …"

As the occult truth: "There is no death, and there is forgetfulness of Reality."
To know this reality, or at least remove the veil from her face — that's paramount goal of our lives.

Death — the illusion of the senses

We experience life through our senses and emotions. Termination of those associated with death. And there will not agree with Schopenhauer, stating that "the death — is an illusion of feelings."

So all the same death? The illusion of the senses, the neglect or termination of reality, and (or) a deliberate shift on the other side of reality — the dimension?

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Every day, dying in a dream, we are born with the rising of the sun to a new life in the dying last moment, we are already living in the future.

Death — a constant breath of Shiva, is the wind of eternity, connecting different worlds and states.

Death — is a semitone half-step, and the musical scale, which introduces us to a different area and sound awareness and connecting opposite sides of the Veil.

Death is a constant change of what we call form, cover, body, and habits, opinions, attitudes and preferences of states of consciousness …

Death — "Truth is the resistance to the law, ever new trend of Harmony."

Fear of Death

Who does not fear death. Only those who despised her, was afraid and did not want to live with dignity.

But sooner or later, the veil of death of any person shall fall prostrate. And it's better when it is not with the death. Then there will be a time not only to prepare for her arrival, but the soul of the allotted time to live in faith, freely and fearlessly.

Otherwise, the death and the afterlife can be a continuation of the nightmare imposed on all those who are involved in the creation and existence of the anti-world.

Death chained fear earthly soul, not vnyavshuyu and deaf to the voice of the spirit and its luminous rays scatter fear and death in their illusive cloudy and foggy gloomy obsession.

Flour is eternal — is absurd
Life is not a passing threat
And death, like black karakurt
Weaves a network of new Berlioz …

Death — weapons intimidation lips preach punishment from heaven, ugly distorting the truth of eternal love, the good and light.

Using the fear of death, as the most inert by nature, as well as distorting the law of transformation of material (reincarnation), modern Sadducees and Pharisees of all stripes seemed deliberately hang over the unenlightened masses as a black crow cawing constant reminder of death penalty and the day of judgment.

Thus, their lies, like a red-hot boiling lava nenavistnichestva resin is poured on the head knows nothing of the laity, naively believing that the Creator earth disposition of cases and thoughts.
Staying in the mire of ignorance, out into the light of conscious perception of the world is extremely difficult.

Do not let anyone pull you in aggregorial wars that many times over the eons bright souls.


From birth, we are getting closer to death, and visibly wearing "aging" from the outside.

But at the same time we awaken a spiritual man within.

Listen to the voice of his mind, and do not share molvyaschego antagonistic, intolerant concepts and expressions, and clearly perceiving the area of the transcendent, the same as the reality with which we come into contact through the channel of the soul, being open and loving.
In fact, all the esoteric, secret or occult teachings talk about it. We need only to listen to the voice of your intuition, broadcasting through chuvstvoznaniya by not requiring proof of thoughts, feelings and sensations.

"There is no death, and the man never stands outside the universal life. Those whom we thought dead, still live in us as we live in them. The more a person lives for his neighbor, the less he has to be afraid of death. " Kabbalah.

Only on the person and his perception depends, what will be its present and future — a ghostly and confusion, terrible or true and joyfully satisfied reflecting mirror wisdom.

The distortion of the reality of death

"With the forces of death to us both are forces awaken our consciousness."
These forces "breathe" at our backs, driving and pomykaya us, regardless of those who resigned, or tired on the way …. And those who are ready to move on, must clearly realize that "there is no death, and there is forgetfulness of Reality" .

To know this reality, or at least remove the veil from her face — that's paramount goal of our lives.

"… There is only one reality, and the reality of truth — the truth that growing up, which was to protect themselves behind walls, and limit yourself to darken under some cover, under any bubble, so that it could feel a caterpillar or a person and then dissolve in its own sun when unfold wings of the great "I", we have always been. " Satprem. "A great sense."

This is the great "I" — our soul, soaring in the sky Spirit desires awakening human external and reunite with his true inner essence.

For when the man woke up in everyday life, then the death of his Son Naturally Breaking Silence Thiele.

"Death, the destroyer, wins the man who seeks only the colors of sensual pleasure, before he can find satisfaction."

Bhagavad — Gita says: "Just as the soul moves from a child's body in the youthful, and from there to an old man, and when she died, she transferred to another body. These changes do not bother those who realized his spiritual nature. With a new body, and we get a new opportunity to suffer and enjoy, depending on our business in a former life. "


When a person is understood, then, for him death is not just a transition through a corridor, tunnel, gate, and the call of the soul, reacting to the Word of Power Naturally destroys firmly.

In light of today's space and planetary transformation, death allows the spiritual seeker to make the process of dying is not a body removal, but after the ascension.

And this is not only a new chapter written on scrolls of individual souls, but also a milestone for humanity, able to choose the best path of development in the spirit.

Ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead "Bardo Thedol" suggests, "Follow the dedication: they knew how to live and how to die, and then you go to the other world, quiet and happy to return again."

The founder of psychoanalysis, Freud also believed that death is not the end of life: "Even death is not the destruction, not a return to inorganic lifelessness, but the beginning of a new kind of existence, leading the way to higher development."

«Mementum more» or "Memento Mori" — principles is not so much about the end of existence, and that the whole is the result of which will allow you to move from a given vector of evolutionary spirituality or more to sink into economic dependence.

Useful to think about death, because then the more you begin to realize the value of life and its memorable moments.

This principle encourages us not to commit thoughtless and reckless actions, for which we will not only be painful and embarrassing, but also unbearably difficult to bear the burden …

Cmert resultant moment is a certain embodiment of the soul in the space-time continuum of the earth, and feed the summing up all done, and the cessation of perception of the six senses (with a sixth sense — mind).

But this is not the end, as many believe, but rather summarizing, for further advancement through the worlds and universes with new goals and objectives.

Agni Yoga says, "the specter of death closes the gates of knowledge. It is useful to teach in the schools of immortality. "

Do not be afraid of death is premature, but when it did come, he will look closely into her orbit, which will peep through the void a new life …

Sergei Kolesha



Clinical death is the most incredible!

Surgery with heart-Pam Reynold's case zadokumentirovany clinical death in history. During the operation, the soul left the body Pam appeared before the Creator.

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