Defense Ministry spokesman criticized the military-industrial complex and the T-90 tank that is

During his own speech on March 15 in the Federation Council Commander of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation Alexander Postnikov collapsed with a fairly harsh criticism on Russian military-industrial complex. According to him, most of the samples of the machinery is seriously lagging behind many zabugornyh counterparts, and vpribavok to it and are sold at inflated prices is obvious. As an example cited Postnikov -90 — The modern Russian tank, commercially available MIC. As it turns out, in fact it is not itself too modern and is 17th modernization of the T-72. Given that the number of tanks in the names correspond to the year of their creation, it turns out, that is almost 40 years as a Russian tank building stands on the site.

Postnikov also said that the price at which the sale of T-90 (118 million) is too high in a couple of times, and for that amount you can buy three German "Leopard". Said it is the commander in chief, apparently hastily, because the cost to "The Leopard" is not so very different from the price of Russian tank, but the essence of what the T-90 is sold for obvious over-charged, it does not change.

Naturally, representatives of the military-industrial complex did not save it in the long box, and already for the next day's press service "Uralvagonzavod", which creates and T-90, said that the Defense Ministry itself has chosen the path of modernization of old times tanks, and not the development and procurement of new samples . Do not stand aside and the Ministry of Industry on behalf of Igor Karavayeva, who reported that in tests in Saudi Arabia Russian tank proved to be even better all zabugornyh counterparts, including Postnikov said "Leopard." Thus, the T-90 tank was struck more than 60% of distant targets, showing the best result in this test. However, the caravan on some unknown reason forgot to specify that after such "furor" was not signed by either the 1st of a new contract for the purchase of Russian tanks.

Defense Ministry spokesman criticized the military-industrial complex and the T-90 in particular

Understand the reason for this is not so difficult, if look at the shortcomings of -90. Thus, in our very "modern" tank as before there is no protection of the crew from the explosion of ammunition, as there is no automatic transmission. By the way, for it has long been zabugornyh analogs have become the norm. Nope on the T-90 aircraft system (CICS), informing about the situation on the battlefield and the other showing the location of its own armored divisions. A sighting and observation complex commander (PNK-4S) T-90 and did not meet any date.

Curiously, a bit more than a year back, the general director of "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko referred manufactured by his own company products not in another as "carts Uralvagonzavod" and in an interview said:

"Already tired of all this: these crazy sets, hoses … Already in the tank did not you come. Will you come to the show in zabugorny tank sitting, as if not to the Mercedes, the Volkswagen. In our zalezesh — well, just some arteries throughout stick … "

Because not so surprisingly, that the T-90 is not in great demand in the world market. It is also clear that the Defense Ministry did not give mad burning desire for money tank, not so very different from those in the presence of the T-72. Given that the troops on this day, there are about 20 thousand T-72, and by the Ministry of Defense plans to reduce that number to 2-4 thousand, one can realize that the defense industry is very concerned about this situation. In the world of their products to anyone in fact not needed, Russian army in it, too, is not interested — even cheaper and easier to upgrade the T-72, than to take the T-90.

Naturally, it's not like the officials of the military-industrial complex, especially after the recent statements by the Government that the purchase of the latest technology by 2020 will spend 20 trillion rubles. Appetites were played, and they will fight to the last for the fact that receive government orders. As early as the following week will be a rally in front of construction workers MIC Defense in Moscow, where they will seek to increment the order for their own companies. It is entirely possible that the Ministry of Defence in a parliamentary election year will give way, and replaced in order to ensure that our military-industrial complex has finally begun to create a cheap and modern technology, the troops will begin to come outdated and useless standards.

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