Devil of Devonshire

In 1855, in the county of Devonshire were found strange footprints, which are extremely excited locals: they prinadlezhalili devil himself, unknown to science, a bird, or they were created by a group of mischievous? None so far do not know what, or who left the footprints on the ground. The scientists of the 19th century put forward a variety of hypotheses about this. One of them, the phenomenological, claimed that it is a "something" that lives between the tangible and the intangible world, sometimes leaves evidence of its existence, but it still is inaccessible to man.

What happened then, the distant snowy night in 1855? February 7 Denvonshire was heavy snowfall, and white color to paint the whole vast basin of Aix. Henry Pielke, a baker from the village of Topsham, in the morning got up very early to break the oven and start their regular work. He was one of the first to see a clean crisp snow covered the village and the surrounding fields. But on this snow, he noticed something unusual: the tracks that seemed to leave a very small donkey. Henry noted another oddity, apart from the size, although the tracks were an ass, but it did not differ from each other, and it was impossible to know where what otpechatolos Hoof. Baker ever seen to a donkey or pony so unusual walked. Although he zaitrigovali such interesting markings in the snow, but it was too much work at the bakery to pay attention to them, and soon returned to his studies.

Breylford Albert, director of the local school, reacted differently. That same morning, Albert asked the organizer of an entire group of people covered ozartom hunting, and at their head rushed for mysterious footsteps. The group got to the bakery and got permission from the Henry enter the courtyard. But here, as it turned out, the traces dragged on through the village. The residents poured out of their homes and abandoned their jobs to join the group. Members of the search party divided, and each part do the survey of the territory, and all of these parts denounced the fact that they have discovered footprints. Gradually the excitement turned into fear, as it was found that among other things, being passed that night, was able to jump over the wall four-meter as they never existed.

Should be declared in Exmouth, Limpstoune, Woodbury, Pauderheme, Mehmed, Dawlish and other villages the county in a total length of 150 km. Dr. Benson, who has practiced in this area, it went on from Mahmeda. Crossing the fields and meadows, they ran into a haystack height of 6 meters. The doctor carefully walked haystack and was surprised to be continued on the other side, as if there were no barriers at all. Examine your own stack covered with a layer of clean snow, Benson did not find any trace of him. Everything seemed to point to the fact that in some inexplicable way, "something" flew haystack. Two hunters from the same area were on the trail for hours through an area where he grew a thick forest of prickly Gustov. Footprints is suddenly interrupted, but they appeared again on the snow-covered roofs to nearby homes.

After seeing what was left of the traces in the gardens, the hunters realize that they lead directly to Mahmedu. Mouth of Aix in some places reaches a width of nearly two miles, and the water has not frozen. Traces were broken off on one side at the edge of the water, but then declared again on another, as if being flown chereh wide mouth. When to start gradually disappear under the influence of a weak February sun, the breakdown of the clouds, their appearance changed. Edge of their section and they seem like the mark of the hoof. Soon state inhabitants completely changed. Men began to arm themselves with guns and rushed to different tool-scythes, pitchforks and rakes. While the bravest roamed the fields in search of the terrible creatures of this or any other world, able to leave such evidence, most people are locked in fear in their homes and barricade the door. Began to appear as crosses, crucifixes and the large Victorian bible in leather bindings, which are believed to protect against any demonic machinations.

At this time, hunters almost made one terrible mistake. The fact that he lived in the village of Woodbury, Daniel Plummer, quiet madman who walked in rags, decorated with feathers, forest and imitated the voices of different animals and birds. Woodbury inhabitants knew him well and felt completely harmless, the majority does not account for any part of his life, although some occasionally give him food when he came to them for charity. Unfortunately Daniel, a group of hunters, tracking down "monster" in the forest, he did not know. When he tried to run away from them, they quickly caught and was about to part with it, considering that it is the very "monster." Then the hunters came Esq Bartholomew, a local magistrate, and barely had time to explain who is Daniel.

So, on that February night "something" is unlike any one species of animals living in the area, has left traces in the form of a chain of shoe for over 150 km. They looked very different than any footprints or even four-legged biped. On the other hand, these tracks were convex, then foot, hoof or whatever it was concave. Each track was separated from the preceding and following distance of 20 cm, and so they spread out over many, many miles, and the distance is maintained regardless of whether there was a mountain trails or flat terrain. Each had a 10 cm long and 7 inches wide, and these measures also remained unchanged in all the way. That could leave such marks? Theories on this point there was a set. "Illustrated London News", "The Times", "Inverness Courier" and "Brighton Guardian" captured echoes of this story. In the mid 19th century in the UK has been a lot of amateur naturalists, eager to share their hypotheses and fervently defend them. As in the case of the community at the wheat fields, and here there is a possibility that the footprints were made by some jokers.

I must admit that in Victorian England was a lot of young aristocrats, it provided money and time and mayavshihsya from idleness. They just love these jokes and fraud, and often themselves admitted the authorship of some "smart puzzles." However, it is impossible for a man of the night ran 150 km, hence pranksters had to be a whole gang. Besides, we all know how hard to hide such a secret. When knowing it a lot, but someone spoke. But no one at the Devonshire said: "This is my company made them." Since Devon is on the coast and the sea water enters the mouth of Aix, many naturalists considered it possible that the traces left some wounded seagull. But for any gull run 150 km in these conditions is a feat. No sea bird will not so much on the ground, and there is no birds whose feet without webbing and claws could leave such traces. In an article published in the "Illustrated London News" for March 10, 1855, was a reference to the other, in "Brighton Guardian" for the end of February. And there, in turn, is a reference to the "Cosmos" book A.fon Baron Humboldt, in which he speaks of the semi-legendary Bjorn Heriolfsona journey in 1001. This traveler, who seems to have reached the coast of Labrador, describes one very funny animal that calls the one-legged. He has, as you can see from the name of one paw, but with the help of an exceptional being "able to fly, but rather-run-with incredible speed, often otttalkivayas from the ground, through the same distance …". An interesting story, but its sources remain unclear. Thus, both the "Illustrated London News" and "Brighton Guardian," in turn, slipped readers another duck.

Jumping rats, toads, frogs, rabbits, hares, badgers and many more have been proposed by the then naturalists as being, left their traces. But the duration of footprints, their disappearance and reappearance on the other side of the barriers, such as a stack or wide rivers, all these facts weaken such theories to their complete destruction. Another interesting hypothesis was that some airship or balloon broke anchor and was blown by the wind in Devon. Ostensibly it is dragging on the ground and left the circuit such horseshoe tracks. But how often does this theory untenable. Any ball in the power of wind gusts will be from time to time to gain and lose altitude, and the chain will not write a straight line on the ground of the tracks, and leave them completely different. It is interesting that at the time no one said a loss of the airship or balloon. Also in 1855, the balloons were very few. No doubt, many residents of Devonshire, who had seen strange footprints seriously thought that the case of the devil, or at least some-what lesser demons at his command. All then tormented idea of sin, and the idea that the messenger of hell wanders among people closer to their doors and peering in the windows of many extremely worried.
There is a puzzle without clues, so is this one, which opposes settlement for over a century, is not surrendering to modern science, with its improved techniques. Facts are simple, but the explanation is still lacking.

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