Diabolical ring Borgia

In 1492, the august couple, Ferdinand and Isabella, trying to enlist the support powerful Rome spent 50,000 gold ducats to the fact that the Vatican reigned their protege Rodrigo Borja, who became Pope Alexander VI, better known under the name of Borgia.

"Wars are not won by armies and gold, and in the kitchens of chefs and managers of dinner parties. Need a little — to be able to pour a drop of honey in a barrel of poison "

In order to understand what this man was enough to apply to the characterization given to him by Karl Marx, who wrote that it was a two-legged fiend gained notoriety through infamy of their offspring — many sons and daughters who went to the tomb of the legions of worthy people. Borgia himself made sure that the clerical elite of Italy became the personification of vice: in debauchery, incest, murder, conspiracy leading role belonged to the Pope with the indispensable participation of his son — Cesare and daughter Lucrezia.

Government on the Borgia family, and his henchmen, by fabulous wealth, which he owned, was not. Dad is not a secret that allowed him to completely dominate the foreign country. Known him saying: "Wars are not won by armies and gold, and in the kitchens of chefs and managers of dinner parties. Need a little — to be able to pour into the barrel of honey drop of poison. "

Borgia knew what he was talking about. He personally went to the other world many members of noble families, and his successor on the throne, Pope Julius II, aware of the hangman "weakness" of the latter is not hearsay, in the chronicles, which led the day, nothing is concealed, "tend to use the vessel, the contents of which one day could be attached to an uncomfortable eternity Baron, a wealthy clergyman, too chatty courtesan, sharp-tongued valet yesterday was devoted killer today still loyal lover. In the dark of night the Tiber took in water Cantarell senseless sacrifice. "

Cantarell — "firm" the poison of the Borgia family, made up of the Roman aristocrat, beautiful as an angel, but the wicked and deceitful, as the devil, Vanotstsey Kataneo. Poison recipe became known not long ago because in the former quarters Borgia found his personal ring-surprise. On the external side is engraved: "Merciful Borgia, 1503." On the inside there is an inscription: "Perform your duty, whatever it may cost you." The ring has a movable plate with cache for poison. The ring is decorated with floral gold ornament and platinum lion paw, claw, each of which has a through channel, combined with the cache container. Poisoning objectionable made differently. It was possible, by moving the plate by turning the ring around your finger, pour poison in the wine and food. Could, again, sliding plate and opening channels lion claw feet, shake the hand of the victim. Scratch was enough to poison did its work.

Antidote for Cantarell did not exist, because, as discovered in 1966, the Italian chemist Carl Chezini, the deadly mix included arsenic, copper salts, phosphorus, mashed cancer wood frogs and extracts from South African plants brought the first Christian missionaries. Drops a hellish mixture was enough to kill the bull. Borgia in the circle of friends cynically declared that eat Cantarell — the greatest honor for the most brilliant of the nobility.

For those who have the blood of redemption, that is for the common people, is good enough arsenic is certainly perfect for killing disguised disease, because its oxide when dissolved in liquids does not stain them, does not taste, no smell. Lethal dose is 60 milligrams. If a long time with small doses of arsenic affect the person, the picture of his disease can be so colorful and complicated that even experienced doctors have any diagnosis — from cholera to syphilis satanic powder affects the nervous system that destroys mucous membranes, ulcerated skin, bone tissue breaks up . "Arsenic — king — Borgia would say — but it is especially desirable in the court of illustrious Cantarell."

Borgia mastered a sling, but I got back from the gun shot. It was true. Deciding to get rid of it encroached on the absolute power of the Cardinals, but, knowing how much they fear its hospitality, Borgia asked the faithful Cardinal Adriano de carnet briefly give him a palace for a reception. Before there secretly visited the Pope's valet, delivering the poisoned wine barrel, which should ply only to those to whom he tells the Borgias. Dad dealt with enemies. But mistakenly drank the same poison, however, considerably diluted with water. Due to the low dose of poison Alexander VI did not die immediately, but tormented four days …

Borgia died. But the black case it lived and flourished. The drafters of the so-called Vatican formulations narrate that in 1659 Pope Alexander VII decided to put an end to the manufacturers of poisons and poisoners who openly traded in death, taking charge even gold — the coppers: no bloodlust pushed to hell transactions, and poverty. Pharmacists, the men who had to hand hefty supply of arsenic, was not touched, "to execute them will be without medication and exterminate like flies." So have caught 150 outwardly very attractive prostolyudinok widows, accusing them of poisoning their husbands and lovers. Torture in the dungeons of the Inquisition quickly untied languages.

All poisoner instantly pointed to certain Jerome Spar — Warlock and the fortune-teller, who knew, who knows the art of making the poison on the basis of red arsenic, "If anyone eats of this herbal pea stone, once deprived of blood." Spar, however, was a tough nut. Torture did not break it. Alexander VII, who seemed like the air, too, wanted a recipe for the poison, who had no equal in the world, ordered her release from prison, but to establish surveillance.

The trick worked. Soon papal secret agents arrested a lady — healer theophany di Adamo, has developed a unique formulation of poison in force immediately and leaves no residue in the body. The poison, called "Vodicka Teofany" today takes pride of place in the arsenals of the security services. Poison, packaged in tiny vessels, decorated with the image of the face of St. Mark di Adamo for huge money supply all comers. Thanks to this year's entrepreneurship in Italy were killed 600 people!

In Palermo, where the poisoner allegedly beheaded still go very plausible rumors that theophany di Adamo Vatican presented to King Louis XIV — the one to whom belong the words: "The state — that's me!" Get out of the hands of royal title of Marquis, di Adamo actively participated in political and amorous, not bloodless intrigues of his patron, to test the effect of super-venom on those who confused at the Sun King in the way, interfered to rule, or to whom he lost.

Marquis poison soaked lace scarves, gloves, linen, thorns of roses in bouquets, they filled the hollow needle, door keys. Louis, never tired of the hypocrisy and deceit wonder this fallen angel in a skirt, say, once remarked: "This merzavka well arranged and in hell."

The point, however, ended with the monarch began to fear his trusted. Then handy arrived in time "accident." Poisoner stumbled and, tearing away from the tower was presented to her by Louis Castle, died.

In 1659, Pope Alexander VII decided to put an end to the manufacturers of poisons and poisoners who openly traded in death, taking charge even gold — the coppers

Over the years, the memory of a female monster changed in a most peculiar way. Now she embodied the holy innocence. In the monasteries of France and Italy began selling amulets, pendants in the form of tiny crystal vessel depicting most pure face awnings. Only now in the vessels was not poison, and consecrated rose oil.

Notorious Cardinal Mazarin called arsenic fair executioner taking on every single sin and from any liability for them. Meanwhile myshyachny poison — just one of many, which in the old saying that it is generated by the most terrible poverty — poverty of the heart.

Alexander Volodya

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