Dictatorship samapavtaraetstsa at all levels


Seven years ago, during my first visit to the cellar unfree Leninsky district police department, the police and the detainees were two so different from each other and at the same homogeneous group within yourself, what about us "we are — one nation" does not work. Apateozu adroznastsi this was the episode where detainees with rose and began to sing the hymn "Mighty God". In the basement of the firing, with targets in the form of a man and schemes of Kalashnikov assault rifles on the shabby walls. Sang passionately, as if before death. It was cool, but looking back, I realize that the presence of police officers we seemed incomprehensible lunatics whose otherness is disturbing and uncomfortable. They could zapavazhats us, let's say, for the dedication of his ideas, cohesion and vocals. Or conversely, hate, hate as "fable" of houses Transfiguration professor. Anything, just do not recognize us for their own kind. Between us lay an unbridgeable chasm.

The only thing that distinguished us now, at the end of 2010, it is a form of clothing and legal status, in short, sytuatyvnaya social role. In a heterogeneous group of detainees was not the song that they could bang together, and the police did not look at their hostages as enemies of the people, and exotic animals at the zoo. Is that the deputy head of the Leninsky district police department was trying to pretend to be an "ideological" burkayuchy something stupid like "shame the country then I" or "you better be here all gone." Maybe this is it, and sat in the same place seven years ago and saying something like that. Not that he then had a right, but at the time of his speech reaches out to an isolated and very narrow social group. Slightly wider than Krishna society, and at least in the eyes of the majority, on whose behalf the police acted and spoke. late 2010 claims deputy head of Leninsky district police department to ensure that continues to represent "the people", sounded absurd in front of him sat citizens from different parts of Belarus, different sex, age, religion and occupation — from the scientist to locksmith, from humanitarian to geek, from the lumpen to the businessman. After the mass departure of the troops in the country would be left alone but the police officials.

If this is not the people, then the people who?

So I said riot policeman, who learned about the way of my work, asked me then write — or the people went to the square, And who else?

He held a different opinion. Earlier, police ideologically excited to cut the "political" from the people, referred to the qualitative characteristics. Saying, for example, that "the people" — those who work in factories, living mainly in the province ("capital of luxury with rage"). Now they have had only one argument — the quantitative.
"But what people, when in the area and one percent of the people were not?" — Emotionally amonavets retorted. And you still ask, why go out into the streets. They only believe what they see with their own eyes. Without seeing you, they believe that you do not exist.
Meanwhile Accommodation in the province has suddenly become a factor that calls into question the value of the expression of political dissent. "Well at least you from Minsk?" — Asked me amonavets. And, twisting his lips, he added: "In fact, until you have all of the regions." Honest to God, the word "regions" was uttered as they usually say "zamkadde" some swaggering Muscovites, for which the area outside the Garden Ring — this is the land of the barbarians, tundra. It is sad that in Belarus the opposition starts to look like the capital and the provinces on the Russian model. It's nice that it indirectly confirms once expressed my thesis based on a study of agency policy expertise BISS and Vitaly Silitski that "Lukashenko has ceased to be the people's president." In the sense in which it was named at the end of the twentieth — the beginning of the twenty-first century.
However, support for the regime still remain "ordinary people". Only a "new simple." From the traditional "simple" they are distinguished by the fact that they have "all chocolate", they are modern, professional, sophisticated consumers are, etc. Simple is the organization of the brain, at least that part of it which is responsible for civil consciousness, it is in its infancy. And in general, they are characterized by soulful simplicity.
In the Leninsky district police department was one such "new simple" among detainees. A young, well arranged in the life of the citizen, ahaynenki, modnenkoe. It is not resented what happened. On the contrary, he expressed gratitude for the fact that "Alexander G. suppressed riots, clear the city of bullies." Man is only a little surprised, and here he is, the man who "are satisfied." Exactly how to Scoop: "You guys prysmatrytses well! I'm the same as you — for Lukashenko. " But, unlike the scoops, he did not lose heart. Seizing the moment, the guy with or without advertising their commercial site. Which is called — prostoi.som way, advertising has been extremely effective, if we are not a hundred desyatsisutachnikav, translating a day before the release of the second floor to the first, and gathered together all in the shower and I saw the familiar faces of the Leninsky district police department, all of a smile recalled prostogo.
He himself, meanwhile, was not among us. Simple, probably slapped all fifteen. I hope for this time his civic consciousness has gone into growth.
As for the traditional "simple", they are no longer in such high esteem as it once. I had seen in the blogosphere throw from some Gospropagandisty to the protesters that they were "losers". Social misfits, the lowest link in the food chain. And that's why despicable. After all, were not able to get comfortable and satisfying enough to not worry about what's going on.
Although I managed to riot policeman prysaramatsits the size of his salary, which is almost four times the salary, for example, Borisov exit paramedic:

Know the problems, if he really risked their lives for the peace of mind of citizens. But it seems that they do not have to do that. Otherwise, do not understand why he suddenly amonavets took his boastful words about "two tyshshav some taxes a month" ago, starting to say that is only a little over a million, and in general, the money is not important to him, it just "a patriot." Who wants to "cleanse it of bandits."
Speaking of bandits. This I ask in a riot policeman, on the bus. What about those thugs who beat presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, where are they? "They're here" — responds. Where is "here" in the bus? Silence. Can you beat it, and? Sapenne unintelligible.
And the answer was: "It had to be the motherland." No, and now it does not say. Confused in the testimony — to date information in the Belarusian field exists for three conflicting versions beating Neklyaeva. All of them are generated by "the sovereign's people," and only one of them is placed on file, he was allegedly legally stopped on his way dangerous secret services. This is good news: they have short fifth to set undisguised dictatorship. Maybe they would like, but, first, prevent finding the country in a bright place, not in some dark alley, and secondly, there is no ideological basis. In the name of what? Only that one famous person would rule forever and transfer power by inheritance? Laughter is.
To cheer up yourself and others detained, I gave in the basement of the Leninsky district police department impromptu election. Not the president, and on the seat at the table that held the grim deputy chief. At the same time to inform him people will not knowingly elect a lawless dictatorship. (Of course, I'm a little cunning with the analogy as "dictatorship" deputy head of Leninsky district police department was a repressive naked, without any "buns.") And that was? So it turned out — for the usurper nobody voted. I, on the promise that after the victory of all let go free, to calculate an independent observer, was about 5% of the votes of all present. Unfortunately, the remaining 95% of the cowardly abstained from participating in the elections. Or rationally figured that "no good still will not." Depriving themselves of the opportunity to have some fun at the same time pakazytavshy nerves dictatorial power in a particular police basement.
And I for his initiative got arrested. (Sam saw the deputy head of the Leninsky district police department was concerned that to me, God forbid, not escaped a fine.) As above, so below. Dictatorship, it is like a fractal — samapavtaraetstsa at all levels.

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