Difficulties with the rearmament

Problems with the rearmamentThe current situation in the geopolitical arena remains very difficult. The United States authorities announce its own modern military doctrine, reducing the level of funding of its own army. The Obama administration has said that it is time of the U.S. Army to make more compact mechanism, which will be able to solve any military prepyadstviya in the world, without spending all of this is so large-scale resources as it is now.

At the same time the last sample of reforming Russian armed forces. The president said that in recent years the army expects virtually 100% of rearmament, to which the budget is allocated more resources, which, according to opinion, higher authorities should radically affect the modernization of the Russian army and navy. In addition to the procurement of new weapons produced by Russian companies, the Defense Ministry expects to sign contracts with zabugornom partners. Already there is a certain agreement on the purchase from the French side of warships "Mistral" was information about the ability of purchasing drones from Israel. If the trend of the procurement of armaments for zabugornyh partners continues, it will be necessary to solve the problem of already-date. It will be to prepare professionals capable of servicing foreign military equipment. Now these professionals, for obvious reasons, in Russia can be counted on one hand.

To train personnel management zabugornom standards must not only perform high-quality technical translation accompanying documentation, and receive from suppliers zabugornyh all the necessary data on options for effective operation of military equipment and weapons of various types.

But the question may be in addition to that, and go to zabugornye manufacturers of military equipment is so open to the Russians all their secrets. After all, selling copies of military equipment over the limit, the Russian side is often itself offers services through our own as military professionals for such countries as India, China, Kazakhstan and many others. Because, along with the new weapons we can get to the same whole group of Western professionals that is called, in the range. Because this kind of purchases can also result in additional payments to embezzlement for staff. Well, the very presence of foreign professionals in the Russian military facilities — option is very weird.

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