Diligent student Ribbentrop Davutoglu and atavism cold war

Diligent student Ribbentrop Davutoglu and atavism "cold war"International community to date with some animal fun thumb vindictive "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact," mourns the victims of Katyn — the fierce killing the 10-s of thousands of Polish soldiers and officers, organized and fulfilled Russian NKVD executioners, zapamyatyvaya for all that the events took place on the threshold of the second world war. The SS men, disguised as Polish army crossed the Polish-German border, opened fire on German territory, where it was evacuated in advance of the German population (recognizable "Glayvitsky incident" or "Glayvitskaya provocation", organized by the RSHA chief Reinhard Heydrich (Glayvitsky incident).

One of the pillars of the fascist regime — Reich Foreign Minister Ribbentrop rushed to put notes of protest wretched, crushed by the Polish government, all hope was that the Anglo-French allies, accusing him of violating the border and the shelling of civilians. But that was later, on September 1 1939. and what is the cost paid for the population of the earth is a diplomatic buffoonery, and has long been clear to all, no need to once again remember this universal tragedy. 2nd Global war, which killed 10 of millions of human lives and to redraw the map of the world, began after advance obmyslennoy provocation, which, unfortunately, can be staged today.

Diligent student Ribbentrop Davutoglu and atavism "cold war"It turns out ribbentropovskaya diplomatically provocation is very close in spirit to today's Turkish Foreign Minister and his supervisor, which can fully qualify for the "honor" to be called the most diligent student of the Nazi perpetrator.

Triumvirate Erdogan, Gul, Davutoglu, who suffers from delusions of becoming a regional hegemon, dreaming of reanimation of neo lime and guided by Islamic slogans on ways of translating their goals will come across a number of obstacles to overcome in need of help, military and political resources of NATO.

After the overthrow of authoritarian regimes of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen, the Arab world is more fragmented unable to resist neoosmanistskoy expansion, but the Syrian Alawites Asada still resist and a bone stuck in the throat of the triumvirs. On the way to the cradle, to the native Altai mountains, are Iran and Armenia, settling of accounts with which at the time is frozen — of judgments Russian factor. Triumvirs patience with Iran and Armenia, it seems quite large, but in Syria it is like giving.

When in the "democratic" Tunisia was created Internationale political prostitutes, called "Friends of Syria", it became clear that the pivotal role it would play in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul and took second congress of the organization, which quickly reminded "shodnyak" hungry hyenas fell barking, smelling blood wounded lion than a meeting of political leaders, security concerns of the Syrian people. Turkish ribbentropchik Davutoglu received a "carte blanche" suffering from post-menopausal syndrome, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, one by one, made a Zapyataev statements, the subtext of which it was clear that Turkey is preparing for a large-scale military operation against Syria, with which it has territorial problems caused by the fault spineless French back in 1939. Is it about Aleksandrettskom sanjak: violating all international treaties after World War II, the French gave it to the Kemalist Turkey. Apart from this, most of the Turkish-Syrian border areas inhabited by Kurds, who for obvious reasons do not feed "gentle" of emotions, and even more "respect" to the Turks. That these criteria Turkish side was to probe the situation, different methods of bringing to mind an international public that the existing criteria (in other words, to protect its borders and Tipo refugees streaming into Turkey) to make a buffer zone. And what does the "buffer" or join the Turkish army, do not remember any country — a member of the UN, as it is army, since 1974. and to this day is in the north of Cyprus (Turkish proverb says, in the first day I am a guest of the family, on the second — a member of the family, on the third — the owner of the house).

Diligent student Ribbentrop Davutoglu and atavism "cold war"Rebuffed Russian and Iranian sides about the idea of the creation of a buffer zone and other such provocative proposal, "Turkish Ribbentrop" remembered the covenants of his teacher, who was hanged on the gallows after Nuremberg. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has recently announced as Syrian troops shelled the "camp of Syrian refugees" on the ground in Turkey. Deja vu for some, as if the wheel of history turned back, and we were in 1939., Somewhere in between 30-31 August. If there is another name provocation and blackmail diplomatically, please tell me. Although it must be emphasized that Erdogan and Davutoglu in something outdone by Adolf Hitler and Joachim von Ribbentrop, but for the mind and believe in the incarnation of the efforts of an international peacekeeping mission. This is what said the Turkish mladoribbentrop about the latest developments in the Syrian issue:
"After Syrian said mode of acceptance of the Annan Plan in Turkey arrived around 8 thousand new refugees. We will be happy if the Annan plan crowned with success. But if all this proves inconclusive or regional initiatives and the global community fail to respond, and pose a risk to our security, Turkey has every right to fully prepare for the security of their own borders and refugee assistance. No matter when and where the Turkish army, it is ready for what ever challenges "(http://regnum.ru/news/fd-abroad/turkey/1520802.html)

Turkish bosses, perfectly assimilated the lessons and style of the Nazis and those who hope to win-win productive force of crocodile tears, ready to assist NATO — a cool throwback to the times of the war. A representative of the organization Mrs. Carmen Romero said that the unit is ready to come to the aid of one of its own members (http://regnum.ru/news/polit/1520848.html). Bureaucrats NATO seems to have forgotten that their ally on the ground a few months back the Syrian deserters and other trash made of so-called "Free Syrian Army", which Bashi Bazouks under "strict guidance" and the command of the Turkish military advisers were drowned in the blood of their homeland and brought his own death people.

It is sad but true that the West has not learned any lessons from the Munich shame, nor of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, nor any provocation on the Polish-German border, and other similar transactions, and the incitement of a new outbreak of the war in the Middle East is fraught with new tragedies for the peoples of the region — is now
"thanks" Erdogan and Davutoglu, diligent disciples of Hitler and Ribbentrop.

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