Druids. Laws of magic

One area of the secret knowledge of the Druids was magic and witchcraft. No one believed the Druids Pliny not only priests, but also powerful magicians. How many legends about how they talked to animals caused by rains and drought, were stored in bags tailwinds and hit enemies ruthless black blades.

The Druids (Celtic wise) — the priestly caste, to which belonged the supreme authority of the ancient peoples of Britain, Scandinavia and Gaul. They never trusted their sacred poems and writings paper, but, like the ancient Brahmins, memorized them, for this feat was required, according to Gaius Julius Caesar, for twenty years. As well as Parsis, they often do not have the images and statues of the gods. Druids were the main leaders, spiritual teachers, guardians of the secret doctrine. He also owned and initial education of boys from which the chosen worthy to replenish their own ranks after a long, almost twenty tests, consisting in learning by heart the secret age-old wisdom and knowledge of the Druids.

The main source of magic for us druids are the works of Caesar and Pliny. Pliny claimed that despises "the art of magic," as he put it, but, nevertheless, treated with respect for his supposed capabilities, and therefore felt obliged to explain its history and the history of those who are engaged in this art. He writes: "Any delivery of magic happening in different ways, because they are using water, air, stars, wandering lights, braziers and Taganov. Folly and vanity of the art of magic, mixed with the teachings of healing, with religious ceremonies, to the rules of astrology and the mathematical arts, first established in the kingdom of Persia, and they were invented by Zoroaster there for 5000 years before the Trojan War. "(In fact, Zoroaster, or Zoroaster lived in Persia around the turn and chVI VII centuries BC. Oe., and although the druidic magic learned a lot in the east, to attribute it purely Persian roots are not quite right).

Pliny says that Orpheus, Pythagoras, Empedocles and Plato were "so keen on" the art of magic, that for him "to take a lot of travel" and "shine the art in foreign lands, sniskivaya itself a great praise." He calls a magician and Moses. Then it Art came to Gaul and there "… survived to this day — in fact as recently as in the time of Tiberius Caesar, the Druids were wiped his authority along with other such as they are, healers, prophets and sorcerers. I will mention that this art to cross the wide ocean and reached the land at the farthest ends of the earth, beyond which there is nothing but a vast expanse of air and water, and to this day is very revered in Britain, where people are completely faithful to him … " .

True, he forgets that the Druids were in Gaul when there came to Rome, and the claim that Tiberius had destroyed all of the Druids, a few ill-advised. It could not even Christian Inquisition. But Pliny the conclusion can serve as an effective objection to the current apologists claim that all kinds of "magicians" like druids were serious: "Look like this art spread throughout the land! And bring the light of inestimable benefit care of our church, polozhaschey end to this monstrous and abominable arts, who, under the guise of religion, people are being killed as sacrifices are pleasing to the gods, and under the guise of medicine prescribed is their flesh as the most useful meat. "

Laws of magic druid

Druids were not only mystics and scientists. They studied the starry sky, the laws of nature, the basic principles of psychology and society. It is believed that they first formulated the laws of magic, coming to it from a scientific point of view. Laws of magic are not the product of legislation, but, like the laws of physics or musical harmony, are derived from a centuries-old practice of observation.


This is probably the most widely used law, and perhaps covering the rest of the laws. Its essence is that understanding brings control. The more you know about, the better to exercise control over it. Knowledge — is power.

Law of Self-Knowledge:

This is the main derivative of KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW. This law has additional shades: having no knowledge of the self can not have the knowledge of (and thus, power over) their magic. This law — an illustration of why the "evil" mages are usually very rare, and the "evil" Druids did not happen: devotion to "evil for evil" usually leads to loss of introspection and self-awareness. Hard to bear harm to others, when fully realize the damage this have caused you. know yourself.


Two or more events happening at the same time — it seems more than a coincidence. Very rarely some events happen in isolation from the others. This is not always pure chance.

The law of cause and effect:

Simple scientific logical conclusion — exactly the same effect produced under exactly the same conditions, will lead to exactly the same result. Druids have at least the same faith in the cause and effect as modern psychiatrists, they realize just how magicians that well the ritual, like a good play or a good old recipe, always predictable. In fact spells include so many variables that complete control or even understanding them is often impossible. Key to the success of magic — in the study: which variables are more important and how to maintain their consistency. Control variables — is icing on the cake.


If any two elements have a common palette, palette interact "through" those common elements, then control a palette helps control the other (to) depending on the number of common elements involved. This is the most important law on a par with the law KNOWLEDGE. It built thousands of rituals — love of slander and Druid of the Ebon Blade to card divination and involtovaniya.

Law of similarity:

Availability of quality physical or mental image of the object facilitates control over it. Examples are clear — having a model, photograph or otherwise your purpose (as "voodoo doll") tells you the power of the impact on the target. Looking like — like. Equally important, as the law of knowledge, and the law of association.


Fourth of important laws. Objects that were together in physical contact, continue to interact after separation. Anyone whom you touch, you have a magical connection, though very weak, until the contact becomes more intense or prolonged or repeated. Magical power transmission is, of course, the possession of a part of one's body (nails, hair, saliva) gives the best contact connection.


Previously, it was just a druid version of the law CONTACT. Name — this is something deeply related to his support, and simple pronunciation of the name already gives rise to a certain contact with someone who wears it. Order to avoid any unnecessary contact with others, many mages and warriors of antiquity carefully concealed their names. Knowledge of the full and true name of the object or process gives control over it, since the name — this is the definition, as well as the contact link and association (if you call something the same name over and over again, the name is associated with the object). This works because the knowledge of the full and true name of something or someone means that you have a full understanding of its nature.


There are certain words that are able to change the internal or the external reality of who utters them, and their power can be in both their sound and their meaning. Many of these words — the names whose meaning is lost or forgotten, and many magical manipulations require the writing of words on the image or object and / or utterance during their construction and / or use.


Any phenomenon can be considered to be alive and to have a personality — that is the difference between being and existence. Anything can be a person. Many magicians who specialize in the weather, like the Druids, personify the winds and clouds, for example, and thus focus their magical energy.

Legal tender:

You can set the internal connection between the inside or outside of themselves, causing internal process during the communication.


You can establish external communication processes within and outside someone calling an external process during the communication.


Possible through maximum association between elements of himself and another being to actually become that being, of owning up to his knowledge and wielding his power.

LAW personal universe:

Any being free and able to create their own universe, which is never a 100% will not be identical with the universe of another creature. The so-called "reality" — is, in fact, the consensus of opinion exists about their own universes.

LAW infinite universe:

The absolute number of universes in which shows all the possible combinations of the existence of the phenomenon — is infinite. Anything is possible, but that some things are more probable than others. It can be assumed that the reference to "the worlds of alternative possibilities" of science fiction, but this law has the broadest application.

Law of Pragmatism:

If the spectrum of belief or behavior can essentially survive and selected targets, such beliefs (a combination of behavior) "true", "right" or "reasonable." What works — true. Sometimes trying to distance itself from the rule, but generally applicable.


The synthesis of two or more of the "opposite" of the spectra data provides a new range, which will be true of each of the original. Synthesized spectrum can be applied on a larger number of levels of reality, not being a compromise, but something new and big.


You can, for, understanding or actions violate the true spectrum of the personal universe and still remain "faithful", given that it "works" in a specific situation. Ironically, this notion of "truth." Law basically maloprimenimy except to justify the use of the three previous laws in your version of the real world.

Law of Polarity:

Any range of data can be divided into (at least) two "opposing" characteristics, and each will contain the essence of the other within itself.

Law of opposites:

Bye-polar. The opposite pattern contains information about that pattern, by providing information about what the spectrum is not. Thus, control of the opposite spectrum allows you to control the desired range.


To survive, to become strong, to support every aspect of their universe in a state of dynamic balance with every other aspect. Extremism is dangerous, because the extreme being becomes so associated with the aspects that they lose the ability to avoid that aspect at all. Incidentally, this is another reason for the small number of "evil" magicians of the Druids, since the constant association with pain and death causes pain and death in the universe is the magician, limiting its capabilities in operations.

LAW perversion:

More familiar to modern readers as the laws of Murphy (nothing is new under the sun!). If someone can go wrong, it will do so. Magical associations often produce as opposed to the desired and the many coincidences that would be unfavorable to work in favor. Even if no one can go some way, some elements of the universe may change so that everything is just INIM way and go. Whether we like it or not, the gods (or fate, nature, the Absolute, or whatever you like) are entitled to a sense of humor. In emotionally healthy magician fewer problems with this law than others because its lively humor and alien consciousness — the best tutor for clarification of the law.


Any phenomenon of existence is linked directly or indirectly to any other past, present or future. Feeling of separateness phenomena based on incomplete knowledge and / or understanding.

Here they are, the magical laws, and a mage can check them in action (Law perversions in check does not require).

Druid magic practices

What sort of magic acts committed druids? Major role in magical practice Druids played spell — like The Love and fencing have been applied in any case. Also included are "angry song", threatening didst send different troubles, illness and even death in the event of failure to comply. They had to resort even in legal proceedings: in the absence of the executive office, when the convict refused to obey the sentence, had no choice but to sing it such "evil song." Often they were used for all kinds of extortion. Curiously, the force exerted by the "wicked song" was not only the threat contained in it, but in some kind of moral compulsion, connected with it. This is evident from the cases where the victim obeyed the request, clearly condemns her to death. Chants in stone wheel produces crops and defeat enemies. But some examples.

Here is an example of the skald Egil (skald — Scandinavian name bard, wise poet-singer). Expulsion from Norway of King Eirik, in which he was in the rulers of Northumbria, was apparently the work of this skald. At one time, being at odds with Eirik (who owned the then Norway), Egil has landed on a small island at the Scandinavian coast. There he planted in the ground and planted a wooden pole at her horse's skull, this pole carved runes Egil skaldichekoe spell. It consisted of two bismuth (poems) and each containing 72 runes — three times the number sign Futhark (magic alphabet). The text spells no longer exists, so it is not known, it was the NID or any other product skaldichskoy magic, however, it contained elements nida fail.

Nid — it hulitelnaya song, a magical curse, constructed in accordance with the laws of name of association and similarity. It has a strong impact. They say that when the Earl Khans mighty ship burned skald Thorleif and executed his friends, dressed Thorleif poor, went into the yard and Earl begged permission to read the poem he had composed. As soon as he began to read them, as the earl fell terrible itch. When Earl realized that this man is reading (or singing) NID, it was too late — Thorleif reached the middle of Nida. In the darkened chamber, weapons hanging on the walls and the former in people started to move by itself. Many died, and at Earl otgnila beard and hair on one side of the parting. Such was the power of magical verse. It is widely used bards. Recall described at the beginning of the story, as a bard song only stopped two armed army — that's real magic!

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