Ducks and Russian missile defense response

ABM ducks and the Russian responseFor the past few days in a row the Russian media and online resources rattle Russian military to transfer some of the hidden information relating to the deployment of U.S. missile defense in Europe, nor anyone else, but by the Yankees. Information the transfer of some hidden data, confirmed by "knowledgeable sources in the Defense Ministry," that was refuted. It is necessary to state that if the exchange of certain information does happen, it is naive to believe that the Americans on their own good will passed into the hands of our military really sensitive information. In just can not believe it's finished last pacifist internationalist liberal or a person, having neither the smallest nor the presentation of the current international situation, nor about the history of relations between our countries. There is no surrender of American secrets. And there can not be. In the best case there is a great sketch diplomatically: "In this folder, all of our secrets. Take it, please. " And it is ready to duck, cause for speculation and speculation, which immediately take advantage of Russian liberal media, and the Americans know this very well. Quite obviously, that reports of the transfer of information such as technical data interceptors completely laughable. Yet, the information that giving U.S. secrets RF has already taken place, had to deny not only the Russian military, and the South American State Department, which provides a running duck fat and that the problems of relations RF and the United States on the issue of European missile defense has been the subject of numerous speculations.

At that time the Russian philistine tried to instill that Americans so open, and their European missile defense so harmless that they are even willing to share with your Russian friends the most hidden information — dismantle their missile on spare parts, to show our missilemen and Electronics Engineers of their weak spots, and, then, who knows, maybe just to mark their submarine radio beacons for the best sonar detection by our allied friends … For the Yankees have no secrets!

It becomes clear that with the light hand of liberal enthusiasts of Russian public opinion once again want to persuade to a point of view that popular tension in Russian-American relations is justified only reluctance RF find compromises and behold in the South American missile defense is not only the absence of danger, and the obvious good — because it is aimed at preventing the "Iranian nuclear threat" — "common threat" to our states. Well, what if the U.S. missile defense shrink on the ring area of the Russian Federation? As for the other — as Americans cherish their own Russian friends of anger on the part of rogue states Iran and ruthless it supports religious extremists who are about to get themselves a nuclear-missile weapon!

Do RF such a "custody" and "care", and how she wants to beat her? I think the answer to the first question is obvious that after all the possible ways for solving this prepyadstviya, then apart Medvedev declared "adequate and asymmetrical" military action character, Our homeland intends to influence the U.S. position on the European missile defense system at the expense of broader international publicity own position . The main fight of the ABM on the political and diplomatic front will be holding 3 — May 4th international conference, organized by the Ministry of Defence RF, with the role of representatives of Ministers of Defense of the United States, land of the rising sun, India, China, Europe and the CIS states. In the course of the conference, the Ministry plans to lay out very convincingly its position on the U.S. missile defense deployment of forces in Europe, to convey to the Russian colleagues zabugornyh own reasons for obvious violation of the strategic balance of forces due to the deployment of U.S. missiles on the European mainland. According to Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, never before prepyadstviya security was offered to the debate in the open so the international format. "We want to inform our assessment of the impact of defense on global and regional security and are ready to discuss all points of view. Let us on the facts will show where we are wrong, "- quoted Deputy newspaper" Kommersant ".

Meanwhile, our homeland, of course, is not limited only by political and diplomatic means. Our response to the U.S. missile defense in Europe would clearly not only advocacy, as he is trying to present some alarmists and defeatists who say that the bellicose rhetoric of Medvedev and Putin does not cost anything. For example, became known deadline of adopting the newest intercontinental ballistic missile "Bulava". Defense Minister Serdyukov said that the missile will be put into service in October this year. Despite the well-known doubts about making rockets into service due neuvvyazkami that occurred during its testing, this step clearly shows the seriousness of the administration of the Russian Federation in relation to the country's security and preservation of strategic parity.

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