Due to the melting of glaciers Petersburg soon go under water

Due to the melting of glaciers Petersburg soon go under waterThe Fourth International Congress of Ecology was not without sensations: the famous ecologist Ernst Ulrich Weizsäcker promised sink Petersburg, Copenhagen and other cities.
The scientist drew attention to the problem of melting ice in Greenland. The huge island covered with glaciers slowly melt. Over the last ten years, containing fresh water, thrown into the world's oceans has increased fourfold.

If the Greenland melt continues, the St. Petersburg and other cities located in the coastal zone, waiting for flooding. It will not help and the dam, especially since it has not finished.

To avoid catastrophe, the expert proposes to urgently reduce the leakage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, that is, to limit the emissions of heavy industry. Owned they cause future apocalypse heat, scientists say. The global warming will be two-fold. Greenhouse effect (we cooked and suffocate, like vegetables in a greenhouse) and the melting of ice in Antarctica and Grenladii (we all drown.)

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