Early next week, in central Russia significantly colder

Weather in the central regions of European Russia remains unstable because of the high activity of the cyclone — rain is expected, at the beginning of next week the first major cold snap of the season, according to the weather center.

According to forecasters, on Saturday will prevail cloudy, sometimes rains in the night and morning fog are possible. Daytime temperatures will be around 17-24 degrees. On Sunday, the cyclone center will leave Russia to make room in the west of the anticyclone, which stabilizes the weather. Day places will be sunny, but they do not prevent the air to warm up to 19-25 degrees.

"But the break will be short-lived, and on Monday the weather will change again as a result of a complex interaction of active cyclones: Arctic, formed over the Kara Sea, which will be a major, and Atlantic cyclone, which will flow into his system. Residents of the center of European Russia is threatened cooling, which will happen very quickly, "- said in a statement.

On Monday, a cold atmospheric front, moving to the south-east, crossed one by one of the region. The front will bring rain and thunderstorms, north-west wind will increase to 12-17 meters per second.

"After the front moves cold air from the Arctic, and the day will only be 12-17 degrees in northern regions to 18-23 degrees in the south. Due to the wind … it would seem that the weather is cooler. This definite plus is that the atmosphere of big cities cleared of contaminants and the environmental situation will improve, "- said the weather center.

Tuesday Chance of light rain, cold continues, the day will be between 11 and 16 degrees in the north of the Central Federal District, and 17-22 degrees in the south. On Wednesday, a small anticyclone dispel the clouds, the sun begins to warm up before the infiltrators cool air mass, and will warm up to 14-19 degrees in the north and 20-25 degrees in the south.

Anticyclone but will not stay in the region, it will give way to the next western cyclone, with the approach that the weather will again become unstable.

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