Earth Project / Project Earth watch online

Earth Project / Project Earth watch online
Global warming, melting glaciers, the emergence of the ozone hole, pollution of the atmosphere, large-scale deforestation has changed the look of the near future of the planet beyond recognition. The tragedy is not far off. Scientists around the world breaking open head over to somehow stop the irreversible processes. In each series, the film presents a unique project to save the planet from irreversible configurations that occur in almost all thanks to the man himself. But the hope for a happy ending still burn, because the world is not without "crazy" scientists trying to "fill holes" caused planet of their own fellow human beings.

Series 1 — Gallaktichesky shield / Space Sunshield

series 2 — hide Greenland / Wrapping Greenland

series 3 — Revival of forests / Raining Forests

series 4 — Catchy world / Brighter World

Series 5 — Wind without end and without / Infinite Winds

series 6 — Hold carbon / Fixing Carbon

series 7 — Power station in orbit / Orbital Power Plant

Series 8 — Hungry Ocean / Hungry Ocean

series 9 — Creating the Future / Engineering Our Future


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