Earthlings vs. UFOs


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Contact with aliens do not always end abductions and medical experiments on helpless people, sometimes earthlings still manages to avoid the worst option for themselves a meeting with extraterrestrial visitors. At the same time, some of our neighbors in the world, defending our freedom and honor, not even afraid to enter with a stranger in a direct confrontation.

Perhaps the most unusual incident on the road, which was attended by a UFO occurred in the evening March 23, 1965 in Maine, USA. John T. King was driving along the road when he saw in front of a large glowing disk hovering over the highway. As you approach the car headlights King drive slowly began to fade, and the radio went silent completely.

John took this as a threat to its security and acted like a real cowboy. He had not thought to flee or develop the car in reverse, it just took a gun from the glove compartment and large caliber … opened fire on UFOs. Unknown heard aliens 'smack' bullets by plating of the ship, but after the third shot disk playfully pulled from the scene, scored an incredible speed and disappeared, and the King, as if nothing had happened, continued on his way.

The exchange of fire with the aliens

About this mysterious case wrote at the time, many newspapers and magazines of the world about him so far mentioned in his books the most famous ufologist. There has he in Argentina October 12, 1962. On this day, Eugenio Douglas in his pickup truck was transporting coal. Heavy rain, the time was nearing dawn when he saw the road ahead for a bright spot of light. At first he thought it was the headlights of cars, but it soon became clear that this was a single spot light, but for some reason is very bright. Fearing a collision, Douglas slowed, but in just a moment, his eyes no longer stand the glare of light, and he pulled off the road and stopped. Suddenly the light disappeared. Douglas came out of the car through the rain saw the outlines of almost ten-round metal device. Momentary flash caught his eye to the hole in the mysterious sphere, in which he saw the silhouettes of three giants in strange helmets with antennae. Not surprisingly, Douglas terribly frightened, because the growth of the giants was about 3.5 meters …

Once strangers noticed Douglas, with their hand in his face hit a beam of red light, which greatly hurt the man's skin. Eugenio already expecting from this meeting is nothing good in horror drew a revolver, made by a shot in each of the Giants and started to run to the nearest village. Searing Light pursued the fugitive to the village itself. When Douglas ran into the village lit by street lights, they like mingling with its haunting light, suddenly changed its color to purple, and green. In addition, the air began to spread strange pungent odor. On the plea for help unfortunate banged on the door nearest the building. When the inmates and their relatives, who at that time saying goodbye to the deceased before the master of the house, heard the cries for help, the color of burning candles and electric lights turned green for some reason, and felt an unusual smell. Despite that Douglas opened the door. With the coat over his head and a gun in his hand Eugenio looked like a madman. It was rushed to a police station where neumolkaya phone rang all reported changes in the color of light.

The face and hands of Douglas red from burns that by a doctor to be caused by ultraviolet radiation. Interested story affected villagers, armed with anything, cautiously approached the place of the road where the truck was loaded with coal. There was nobody, and only half-meter rain washed away the footprints of the mysterious aliens who could be seen even in the mud …

Douglas who met on the road, he got out his revolver in the mysterious giants was a searing beam of them to attack, why there were strange changes color flame candles and electric lighting — all of these questions remain another of the mysteries that are so full of archives and ufologists.

Cowboy vs. UFOs

A lone car on a deserted highway in the late evening or at night may be of interest not only to the robbers, but the aliens from distant worlds. Among the many cases of contact with the pilots of UFOs large percentage accounted for by drivers and their passengers. They are very often the victims of kidnappings and strange tests and operations that are carried out by aliens. However, in foreign archives documented cases of UFO when earthlings — motorists could safely avoid abduction or even scare … powerful aliens.

Mrs. Knowles and her three sons were driving late at night by car from the city of Perth towards the city Mundrabilla (Western Australia). The mother of the family confidently led car along a deserted road, when I saw the front of a very bright light. The impression was that he is rushing towards a whole armada motorcycle or a large convoy of military vehicles. Mrs. Knowles felt a vague uneasiness and decided to move out, just in case the main road to avoid the accumulation of such technology. Nullarborskaya plain, through which ran the road was flat as a table, so it was easy to avoid unwanted meeting. However, when the car went away for a considerable distance from the road, its occupants have made them a very unpleasant discovery — a mysterious light on the highway clearly changed course and ran to intercept them. Soon there was a meeting with the source of a mysterious glow.

The boys excitedly cried in the car when something suddenly lit up the valley, the glow is clearly going on, there was a vague, reminiscent of high-voltage wires hum, noise. The impression that an unknown object landed right on top of the car. Mrs. Knowles abruptly threw the car from side to side, up to the limit by increasing speed. Alas, it does not work, the car suddenly began to sit up in the air, wheels, unable to rely, spinning wildly, and my mother and her three sons in horror rushed inside the car, not knowing what to do.

Whether intentionally, or by accident one of them pulled the alarm and cut through the silence of the plains plangent tone. Apparently, the sound was a complete surprise to the mysterious kidnappers. Immediately the car flopped back down to earth, with a crash broke one of his tires. The family playfully jumped out of the car and hid in the bush, where he stayed until as long as the UFO flew away. According to the descriptions of these witnesses, the UFO was a balloon, emitting a bright white light, which produced a humming sound, about the size of a car.

Since the approximation of the UFO to the car and all over the incident, the car radio was not working, although his follow-up survey conducted by ufologist Paul Norman, has shown that it is serviceable. In the address, and other researchers received reports of UFO sightings over Nullaborskoy plain that night.

If the family Knowles has done everything possible to avoid an unwanted meeting, the Austrian Joseph Wonder was so absent-minded and careless that in September 1955 he taxied into the hands of aliens. He was driving on the edge of the road on his moped, thinking about the vicissitudes of life, and so thought that ran right into the side of … UFO that was behind the bend in the road. Three tall humanoid treated the hapless wander, but he kept his head (as if met with aliens every day!) And apologized for his sudden impact. The aliens seem to have taken his apology and pure German told Joseph that came from the constellation of Cassiopeia and asked to explain the principle of operation of the engine of his bike. Gabby and direct Earthling obviously liked the aliens. Wonder when they read the entire anti-fascist lecture, they let him go and even offered to Joseph to lead the movement for equal rights for all people on earth. After that, the aliens were asked to move off it away from the plate and UFO soared into the sky.

Perhaps the most unusual incident on the road, which was attended by a UFO occurred in the evening March 23, 1965 in Maine, USA. John T. King was driving along the road when he saw in front of a large glowing disk hovering over the highway. As you approach the car headlights King drive slowly began to fade, and the radio went silent completely. John took this as a threat to its security and acted like a real cowboy. He had not thought to flee or develop the car in reverse, it just took a gun from the glove compartment and large caliber … opened fire on UFOs. Unknown heard aliens 'smack' bullets by plating of the ship, but after the third shot disk playfully pulled from the scene, scored an incredible speed and disappeared, and the King, as if nothing had happened, continued on his way.

Of course, repeat the "feat" King ufologists do not recommend to anyone, usually the aliens attempt to severely suppress any attacks on them, but this time they apparently just do not expect to find on the road is so tough cowboy and decided to look for someone easier …

Torn pants and flew

Our life is full of surprises. Could forester Robert Taylor of Livingston (Scotland) suggest that, going in the morning November 9, 1979 for an inspection of forest plantations, he met with a real UFO?

Around 10:00 am Taylor in his pickup truck, pickup truck pulled up to the tree planting near the M8 motorway, which links Edinburgh and Glasgow. Leaving the truck on a country road next to the highway, the forester walking toward the tree line. He had only to go around the corner landing, as he ran nose-to-nose with floating above a small clearing a huge UFO. It was slightly flattened spherical object width and a height of about 6 feet 4. First color UFO was dark gray, but at times he seems to be misted, becoming almost transparent, and Taylor even managed to see through the trees behind him. Forester thought that in this way the mysterious orb was trying to disguise himself, because a number of trees along the highway swept quite a few cars.

Why do people in dealing with UFOs usually freeze if hypnotized by this unprecedented spectacle, although it would be much safer to leave out. That Taylor stood and watched this mysterious ball of his transformations and it did not even occur to him that this meeting may end very sad for him. The ball, however, continued to hover in the air, changing its color. A little closer to the bottom of the bowl rim surrounded by fields such as hats, from which protruded the fixed arc, and above them on the ball darkened some spots may portholes.

It is not known for how long Taylor would be enough patience to examine the messenger of other worlds, but the UFO suddenly moved to action. Suddenly, the world seemed out two more strange object. They are something reminiscent of sea mines, it was the little balls of up to 0.6 m in diameter, the color same as the large UFO, but one stuck out in all directions spikes. Small UFO, without delay, headed towards Taylor. Whether they were rolling on the ground, whether it hovered just above the surface. "Horned" balls hooked spines forester for pants and literally dragged him toward the large UFO. Taylor suffered a gas attack and sudden … he was literally knocked off his feet by some suffocating odor and lost consciousness.

What happened next? Taylor went on board a UFO? Or "sea mines" left him when he lost consciousness? Alas, to say exactly what happened next, it is impossible. Data that were conducted with Taylor hypnosis to clarify the circumstances of the abduction, no.

When the ranger came to, he thought he heard a whistling sound, the UFO disappeared. Pants in the places where they clung for "horned" UFOs have been broken. Dog Taylor ran around and barked furiously. He tried to calm her down and found himself unable to speak plainly, physical condition was also not normal — he was able to move with great difficulty. Taylor barely got to the house, where a few hours he had terrible headache. Two days forester tormented terrible thirst, but it was like a headache. Thus, the biggest backfire meeting with UFOs were torn pants, but it was the little things in life compared with what had to experience other contactees.

According to well-known UFO researcher John Spencer, although the UFO was observed by Taylor in close proximity to a busy highway, from any of the drivers did not receive reports of the observation of the object. So, if UFOs really existed, and was not the product of imagination Taylor, he came to a clearing either at night or just materialized at a given point. After the message field at the forester forest belt was examined. On the grass had traces of Taylor's heels, where, according to the forester, it was towed over pants "horned" balls. However, no other residual traces of a UFO hovering in place were not found — no burnt grass or damaged vegetation.

Taylor after the incident became actively get involved in the UFO phenomenon, he still believes that he wanted to kidnap alien robots — "horned" balls. This case is widely considered controversial, because apart from the torn pants there is no other evidence, and pants forester, as you know, is irrelevant podoshesh …

Extraterrestrial chicken lovers

Frenchman Marius Devilde lodge was very close to the railway line, which led to the adjacent mine. The proximity to the railway did not deliver much trouble if not for the local farmers, who got into the habit to steal a gravel mound to sprinkle them in their settlements, roads, limp during the rains. Because of their theft Marius often plagued the police, and the restoration work near his home frightened cattle. Especially Devilde feared possible because of the collapse of the theft, because going downhill composition could easily destroy his small, cozy cottage. Therefore, when the late evening September 10, 1954, coming to the garden, he saw how some dark mass, Devilde decided that this regular supply of thieves and going to talk to them cool.

Suddenly his dog barked furiously and strangely crawled to his master. At the same moment on the trail next to the sound of footsteps. Marius lit a lantern and lit two rather strange creatures meters tall in overalls with helmets on their heads, which are clearly moving in the direction of a dark object standing on the tracks. Whether Marius first did not understand who he was dealing with, or being taken over baluyuschihsya children, but he rushed to the gate to catch them. Before the first shorty had just a couple of meters when the object of the ways unexpectedly broke bright beam of light that is completely paralyzed decisive earthling. When the lights went out and Marius regained the ability to move the object on the tracks managed to get off the ground, he pulled out a thick stream of black smoke and he flew away.

Devilde of fright ran for two kilometers to the nearest police station to report the incident, but the gendarmes took him for a madman, and only laughed at him. Learned about the history of neighbors and Marius had a chance to test their ridicule.

A month passed, Devilde already begun to forget about the troubles brought him so much history, when on October 10 his little son cried out that on the track is a strange machine. Marius went outside and saw the exact same object, like a month ago. Beside him were spinning the same or similar shorty. Brave Frenchman, despite the sad experience, he decided to come closer to them. This time it did not "shoot" a ray, on the contrary, out of the machine got shorty, probably the commander of a UFO, and quite vigorously on his short legs ran to Marius. On the humanoid was a dark gray suit, and through the glass of his helmet was visible shirokoskuloe his round face with narrow slanting eyes. Shorty behaved quite relaxed.

He mumbled something in a strange language, and smiling. Then he Devilde patted on the shoulder, patted his little son on the head. Ran out under the feet of Marius chickens distracted the alien. His dark brown eyes stared at the largest hen and chicken suddenly sprawled on the ground. The commander of the Mites grabbed her legs and pulled him to his aid. Aliens are busy welcomed his counterpart with the production, it looks like they have become lovers of chicken. Extraterrestrial expropriator hen went back to Marius and patted him on the shoulder, it seems that in the opinion of the aliens is completely replaced the cash and other payments.

After that, he trotted on his short legs to a UFO, all short people got into it and took off. Marius watched, stunned, as a mysterious device with its chicken and aliens literally disappeared into the sky. This time Devilde did not run to the police still would not believe …

According to the newspaper "Anomalous News"

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