Elves with green hair

In early spring, so want of fresh greens, warm wind and sun. But while outside gray slush, and the leaves do not even think to break out of the kidneys, can only dream about. But we've got something to celebrate the first day of spring at least in order to make it come sooner.

You can buy a bunch of flowers, however, overseas buds can not recall the stupefyingly smelling cherry blossom, warm, sunny Russian spring offensive And the heat will not bring any flowers. But here's to cheer up quite humanly — just to settle on your own windowsill herb cheerful gnomes.

Of course, the elves are not real, and from flower pots, but this funny little men do not become less sweet. To make a gnome, you will need 2 ceramic pot of baked clay without glaze and unadorned. Glue Pot bottoms — upper pot will head, so it is necessary to fill the earth and draw or paste a funny little face. Bottom pot, respectively, will represent the body, so that you can wear a jacket or a gnome suit.

To do this, attach the two sides of the pot on the ropes — this will be the hands, feet just as well made of ropes, must be fixed under the pot and lay on the windowsill — it will be a full sense of what is funny gnome sits. From readily available materials, such as fabric or colored paper make gnome clothes. Obkleyte pot material, and the sleeves and legs do, wrapping cloth or paper tubes, ropes around the limbs.

The beauty of this gnome will consist in the fact that grow on his head is not a cactus or geranium and green grass. This new growth can mow, making gnomic hair to your liking. And the Iroquois, and the lush green hair will look equally funny.

A funny dwarf can be a great souvenir, which will cheer up, and the green grass on his head led to believe that spring is near. If there is a possibility that the road to the gift recipient may dwarf wet snow or rain, it is better to pack, as a souvenir gift box protects from unnecessary contact with the water and the cold, and, of course, decorate it.

Settling little family of dwarfs in the office and let the staff take patronage over every man — watered, cut it to the gnome looked decent. Waiting until the first green, the breakdown of the seeds in earthen pots coma, your colleagues will be extremely happy mood and increase efficiency as well. And all because of the first warm days everyone will want to take time off early to enjoy the bright spring sunshine and a warm breeze.

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