Embassy of Poland and Germany do not comment Security


In the embassies of Poland and Germany in Minsk does not comment on the publication in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" (SB), which refers to the involvement of intelligence agencies in Poland and Germany to the organization of the events of December 19.

"We do not comment ustrymlivaemsya" — said the Polish Embassy in Belarus.

The Agency also failed to get a comment about the publication and the German Embassy in Minsk.

In the publication "Security" states that "there is no doubt that the events of December 19 of a hand primarily secret services in Poland and Germany, which are planned and institutionalized CC SE (civil campaign " Tell the truth , "Which was led by former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu), which was intended had become the "new opposition force" capable to change the power in the country. "

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