Energy dirt in the house

Most of his life we spend in the walls of his doma.Tam we sleep, relax, eat, keep your property, home to members of our semi.Dom is not just a roof, walls and furniture vnutri.Dom is a workshop in which people daily restores their energy, their protective field.

The invisible world is made up of clusters of white, positive energy and bunches of black, with a white energii.Soprikasayas negative energy, a person experiences a pleasant feeling in the face of a black man feels the energy of anxiety, fear, nervousness rasstroystvo.Esli person is resting in your own home, as they say, the soul and the body, if he feels comfortable, cozy, it means that the house is filled with white energiey.Esli same house clogged black energy, the host suffers from insomnia, chronic fatigue, constantly feeling fatigue, nervousness, his annoying and t.d.Otkuda dark energy enters the house?

Dark energy, energy dirt gets into the house several putyami.Energeticheskaya dirt, as well as usual, is offered to people-by the owner or his gostyami.U you probably had such a feeling that talking to unpleasant person, I want to wash my hands, but if they chistye.Ili to make a decision, and the head, as they say, does not work, tired, you pop your head under dush.Ne hair wash, namely osvezhitsya.I finally Having washed in the shower, in the bath, in the bath, the person usually feels not only physical, but and mental chistotu.Ego thoughts become quieter, the sublime, peaceful.

Energy dirt can get into the house and through the open window in the old okna.Poetomu the winter zakonopachivali and without much need tried not otkryvat.Letom black energy in the air is much less than in winter, because the sun accelerates chernotu.Imenno why flu and colds are rampant in winter goda.Pochemu this happening? Energy dirt sticks to the man as well as the usual stains obychnaya.Tolko body and it can be seen, and the energy-sticky protective shell cheloveka.Nahodyas at work, at a party, a man clings to the dirt, and coming home loses its energy chast.I dirt constantly accumulates in the house as well as the normal pyl.Kazhdy people coming to visit you, and brings with it the usual dust, and some guests gryaz.Tolko energy-energy dust and other and energy-sazhu.Gryaz she, too, is different in composition and concentration.

Among the people you know for sure there are people who deal with that is hard psychologically trud.Oni begin to put pressure on their sobesednikov.Cherez while only want one or faster ushli.Ih they are called in the people power vampirami.Mol, they steal vitality and after these vampires feel drained of energy.

In fact it is not tak.Eti people do not have any black kradut.Oni release energy, this sazhu.I communicating with you this flung debris stain your obolochku.Vspomnite, even after they leave all the same there is a feeling that they have to now are you doma.Proydet be a long time until you come to sebya.Ne wise, people-"trash cans" were gone, and the garbage after they left, and lies at the corners of your doma.Ili in the center, but you do feel good . After most of the guests and have a desire to bathe and wash their house.
Water is the weapon against any gryazi.Voda universal, it washes away dirt while the visible, physical, and invisible, energeticheskuyu.Posle bath say, "All right! Straight born again!" Why, to wash off the dirt as gryazi.Obychnuyu we wash off with plain water more robust with soap, in severe cases, use chemical sredstva.Tochno a way to deal with the energy and mud.

Light pollution is cleaned with plain water, more severe cases, holy water, in very difficult situations we have to use the entire arsenal, holy water, incense, incantations, prayers, extracts and t.d.To have all these at first sight strange religious rites such as the consecration of the home have a very specific practical element naznachenie.Kazhdy church ceremony has an explanation in plain old everyday yazyke.V existed a very useful custom-annually invite the priest to sanctify his house on Maundy Thursday before Easter.

What and how to fight dirty energy.

1. The most simple and affordable, ordinary water.

2. Metal zhelezo.Zheleznye items like a magnet cling to itself clots dark energy, performing cleaning rol.Ob this amazing property of iron was known in ancient drevnosti.Imenno take roots spread out and weird superstitions: I found horse horseshoe-fortunately or Blessed pin saves from sglaza.Da it really tak.Zhelezo great benefit, saving us from the dark energy.

3. Serebro.Iz all metals the most powerful destructive force for blacks has precisely nothing serebro.Ne church utensils made of silver.

And the vampires and witches, according to legend, it was necessary to kill puley.Natelnye silver crosses, by the way, should also be a cleaning capability serebryanymi.Zoloto not obladaet.Bolee of gold could cause harm to human organizmu.Dazhe if wedding koltsa.Dlya men wearing of jewelry is much more dangerous than zhenschin.Eto may impotentsii.Esli you still can not part with their treasures, then follow the least technique bezopasnosti.Na night gold items, be sure to remove and put in a bowl of salted water . every morning to wash them with soap and water or poroshkom.Vy'll see how much dirt attracts gold daily.

Even if you have a gold ring is black skin, it does not mean that you have seen so sore serdtse.Eto many black energy around gold.

4. Holy Water. It is water, typed from 18 to 19 January, in the night from 24 to 4 am (on Epiphany) with a high content of water is considered very serebra.Takaya healing and has great cleaning power of any energy gryazi.Takaya water is used in religious ceremonies.

5. Incense. When burned, it emits smoke with a sweet zapahom.Etot smoke acts on the black mud, as a solvent in the paint.

6. Wax candles. The same effect has melted vosk.Tolko unlike incense him another principle itself deystviya.Predstavte oil slick on the surface can be removed by two vody.Ego sposobami.Pervy-pour-top bucket rastvoritelya.Vtoroy screwed fuel oil palku.Vosk acts on black energy, like a stick of black oil.

7. Lamp. Light lamps attracts clots white energii.Esli stare at the light oil lamps or candles, the soul is beginning to be born a philosophical mood, umirotvorenie.A what romance infused nightly gatherings around kostra.Ogon attracts white energiyu.Poetomu fire in the eyes of man zavorazhivayuschee.Ogonek-something is a small piece of the sun.

Now look at the church over vnimatelno.Serebro, candles, holy water, oil lamps, prayers, icons, incense is a whole production to destroy black energetiki.A what people go to the temple? All the pains, problems, that is, black. And what come out enlightened and nadezhdoy.Chto happened? went, was thrown from the soul and energy of black cargo vyshli.Obrazno speaking, the temple is a room for human dush.Zdes they washed and cleaned.

The blackest place in your home is vannaya.Imenno it is flush energetiki.Obychnaya black dirt, rinse with water, leaking into kanalizatsiyu.A dark energy will not leaking, it is spreading at the corners of the bathroom.
The next place on the blackness is a table at which most often is gosti.Libo dining or table gostinoy.Ves energy waste, which throws off the guests, remains on the table and around the table nego.So involves a lot of old superstitions, which are now ponyatny.Naprimer become, why not put on the table, baby or why not on the table sidet.Otvet simple-you can pick up any energy zarazy.I clear why the meals can not put your elbows on the table stol.Chem less do, the luchshe.Kto- you probably remember what an unpleasant sensation leaves behind a desk in the morning after a good meal.

Now the most clean place in dome.Konechno, this krovat.Eto place where a person spends most of his zhizni.Mesto, energy that should be carefully berech.Nikogda not allow anyone to sit on your krovat.Osobenno if it is not filled . Imagine that someone wiped his dirty hands, one hand on the doormat, and the other on the sheet.

Where more remains dirt? Course, on the white sheet, and on the doormat and so dirt hvataet.Poetomu any guest in your apartment for a moment sitting on your bed casts dark energy is much more than an hour sitting at the dining stolom.V villages sitting on the prohibition bedding preserved cities izdavna.V the ban entirely neglected and ryadom.Gde people sleep peacefully? The city rarely find a person not suffering from illness sna.Bolshinstvo people late into the night can not sleep and in the morning vysypayutsya.Potomu not that they did not bed and garbage baki.Esli same situation so that guests have to put in your own bed, be sure to change the bele.Bele also reads all the negative person.

Bunches of black energy in contrast to bacteria in a microscope to discern nevozmozhno.No principle of transmission from one person to the same samyy.Vmeste with black energy, people share with each other bad your bed should not be allowed to sit even close rodstvennikam.Isklyuchenie can do for your little rebenka.Vnuka, for example, should not be planted because it's another energetika.Krovat best placed where the cat slept.

The house is the black spot on energy is porog.Ne asleep at the door, and most importantly, do not go to the door of the house nogami.Samymi dangerous are the doors that lead to the street or the landing.

To calm sleep, bedtime is desirable to read the prayer:
-I go to bed, the cross baptized, in the minds of the angels, the angels on each side, at the foot of the angels, guardian angels, keep my soul, from evening to midnight, midnight to daylight.

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