Enlistment data of the General Staff did not agree with the information from the troops and military offices

Enlistment data of the General Staff did not agree with the information from the troops and military offices

At the end of last week has ended another campaign call vernal Russian people, suitable for health and reaching military age for military service. Her initial results released Eager Colonel-General V. Smirnov, deputy. Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Managing Head of organizational and mobilization department. Zeal General as soon as possible to report on the work performed entirely understandable, it was the first in the history of the modern appeal of the Russian Federation, which took place without any scandals, and the plan by the number called up for military service performed according to plan. The Ministry of Defence in this time failed to satisfy all the requirements of the public, and to prevent violations that accompanied the call-up campaigns in recent years.

If you add up the data recorded in the official records of the Ministry of Defense officials responsible for carrying out the recruiting campaign on the number called up for military service at the 4th Military District, then eventually it turns out that number recruits, even more than in his own decree led to President Dmitry Medvedev.

An easy calculation shows that in the period from 1 April to 15 July 2011. Russian military conscription called 238 thousand young people. Given the fact that in his own decree Dmitry Medvedev led number at the level of 210 thousand, draft boards exceeded the "plan" for 28 thousand, how it will affect the troops, it's unclear.

But in this situation, there is another side to the coin. When the Ministry of Defence said the lack of scandals that an unknown reason forgot to point out that the statistics of the General Staff, the head body, summarizing the incoming information for all aircraft and other law enforcement agencies of the Ministry, as it turns out, are different from the information that comes out of troops and military offices. Of course, the Defense Ministry has most recently will be forced to give explain to the government and society, what is the reason of the existence of such non-compliance. This was announced by the official dealer of the military.

"If number inductees into the overall figure is public information, taking into account the fact that it is indicated in the decree issued by President of the Russian Federation, the number specifically for each individual military district — classified information. In this case, if they are sounded during a press conference in the surroundings, it is only in a limited, generalized form, rounded, usually in the direction of growth, and because of that later appear some discrepancies. The Ministry of Defence after rigorous checks and displays the resulting calculation and the exact number, "- as the representative of the military department commented on the message shown in some media reports that, based on data provided by each of the 4 military districts, the excess of the amount called up for military service amounted to 20 thousand people.

According to data posted in the media, in the Southern military environment was designed to 25 thousand people in the Central — 102 thousand in the West — 93 thousand, in the East — 18 thousand. In other words, the total number — 238 thousand.

The military is very rely on the fact that changes occurred in the structure and organization of conscription for military service will have a positive effect on mood among young people, the ratio of young men to the army. Namely, as stated by the head of General Mobilization Smirnov, more than 60 percent of young people are now headed to the army of "positive motivation". And in the midst of the people who are now called to serve, no one openly declares that there is no desire to join the army. At the same time, according to recognize superior GOMU as there is an unresolved and the most inveterate discrepancy related to the recruitment of the armed forces — the deviants. Did not manage to reduce the number Young people who evade service. They were less than the same fall 2010., But not much. Now evaders actually the same as and designed for military service — about 200 thousand. This is almost always men who purposefully for some time before being called up are removed from the military at the place of constant residence and disappear in an unknown direction, with all this anywhere else on the temporary registration does not become, respectively, and present them with the agenda is not provided probable. In particular, it is different of the Russian capital Moscow. Almost 15 percent of all draft dodgers — the inhabitants of this large city.

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