Enraged planet 2 / Raging Planet 2 watch online

Enraged planet 2 / Raging Planet 2 watch online
Man has learned to shoot the raging elements, but he was, as before, not subject either to win it or at least slightly calm down. In this documentary series, you can behold the unique shooting the raging elements.
Due to new technological developments were captured spewing streams of burning lava volcanoes, roaring and wrecking everything in its path tornadoes, hurricanes and tornadoes rampant, leaving behind only a ruin and destruction, Straseni force lightning, and much, much more.
Nothing is hidden from the camera and no vsesuschih force fails to keep operators daredevils on the spot when they find out that in some places planetka once again shows us their anger.
Their main tool — the camera, their main goal — to show you our planet in all its mighty power, so that you can with our eyes behold it as such, as it was in the days of constant transformations of their own, when in the desert plains uplifted mountains, created and shaped by the sea continents. But chief director of this cycle — is, of course, nature!

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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