Environmentalists hope that the owls in Tomsk podedyat mice and squirrels will not touch

Two Owls — the Red owl and Ural owl — settled in the camp garden in Tomsk, environmentalists hope that birds of prey are not touched settled in the park squirrels and small rodents prefer them than help in the improvement of sanitary conditions in the city.

"Ural Owl — the kind that happens every year in the city, winters in different places. This business as usual. But owl — it's a bit bigger, entered in the regional Red Data Book, and the event is less likely to happen. Yes, she lives in the vicinity of Tomsk, so that there is not a great sensation, but the opportunity to observe (in urban areas) is a rare, "- said the ornithologist of the Zoological Museum of Tomsk State University (TSU), PhD Sergey Gashkov.

Owls vs proteins?

Deputy Chief of the Department of Protected Areas "Oblkomprirody" Valery Surnay told RIA Novosti that the owl in winter often arrive in the city, where they have more food.

"We have an annual winter two or three owls … By the way, the owls can we" count "squirrels in the camp garden. Them there I saw eight of them, they (the whites) are not afraid of people, almost to the shoulders drop into," — told RIA Surnay News.

He noted that the owls can eat and proteins, but often prefer other rodents.

In turn, Gashkov noted that proteins for owls — not the main food "protein on the owls will not suffice, and hunt them harder."

"Owl usually listens and looks for prey, and targeted to this place through the snow thrower and takes it. This is usually small rodents. But different situations with rodents are — there may be more or less, and owls, as successful predators can switch — where- a protein extract, blue … But do not worry, just have to change our attitude, the owl somewhere and will produce a protein, "- said the ornithologist.

According to him, the presence of a large number of protein — a double-edged sword: when many animals, diseases, including viral, inevitable.

"Two years ago at the University Grove (center of Tomsk), all proteins have died without any owls. Was a large density, sick … The following year, again multiplied. And this year, a lot of them still come — was a big migration, apparently, from the Kuznetsk Alatau (Kuzbass, Khakassia), because a lot of black squirrels come, "- said Gashkov.

He noted that in Tomsk were about 30 people, which is now squirrels. "On one hand protein sorry, on the other hand, it is a natural process," — said the expert.

Birds medics

Gashkov felt that by owls, who settled in the camp garden for the city will be a big benefit — most likely, they will prefer to proteins other rodents.

"Owls in the city — it is always good. They will eat up especially those that are in excess, and that can not escape — the injured, the sick. Owls will catch them, to carry out the sanitary function. Was a time they trash on Kashtak ( Tomsk district) Hunting "- said ornithologist.

He also said that for the benefit of non-whites and their preferences and characteristics of rodents show of birds.

"It allows them to see ultraviolet light. They see everything that reflects it. A rodent urine ultraviolet just reflects. Owls concentrating not just anywhere, but where there is a" road "," glowing "from rodents — so there is a production that can wait and catch. They stay in these places and do not focus on the protein ", — concluded the expert.

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