Essence of the subtle world

October 18, 2011 11:04

Essence of the subtle world

In the history of the paranormal has a lot of examples of people with a certain collision supernatural force that tends to limit their freedom or control the mind … In the old days it was given various mystical explanations, and modern scholars believe that this manifests itself essentially subtle world, usually imperceptible to us.

 One such episode was in April 1985. Witness his return about 17 pm from the country below the Istra (Russia). He was going to go to the city by bus, but without waiting for him on foot. Passing under the overpass, the man heard a loud metallic sound and clicks. In the second, he was seized tighter inexplicable horror. There was not a soul … all was quiet voice, as incomprehensible ominous rattle. Then the sound began to go somewhere right. Finally the man was able to see its source. At the site near the route lay (it was on the ground, not hanging in the air) dense white cloud with a diameter of 30 m and a height of about 10 m above him could see the tops of the firs … According to an eyewitness, the cloud was like a living, it stirred. Some time later, the cloud disappeared. With him gone and a terrible sound …

In September 1989, the eerie phenomenon had a chance encounter and investigator of paranormal phenomena Vitaly Kosinova. Gathering nuts in the forest, he suddenly felt the someone's gaze. There was nobody around, but Vitali seized with a feeling of intense fear, even his hair stand on end … He lifted his head. A few meters from the ground hung a dark gray cloud in the form of a vertical column … He heard a strange noise, like bird's wings flapping, and the crackling wood, but no birds, no breaking of branches could not see … cloud slowly rose up and stood still. Kosinov felt that he could not get off the ground, his legs would not support him, and he was exhausted and fell to his knees.

Somehow, he knew that the cloud wants to take it, and mentally began to resist. The body ran a small electric current, object whistled sharply jumped up and flew away. By Kosinova immediately returned normal health. The most amazing thing is that he immediately completely forgotten about the incident, the memory came much later, when it was at night, cover … the very cloud. According to the researcher, it is completely enveloped him, and after a few seconds disappeared. After that, he fell into a deep sleep without dreams.

Another variant of the "anomalous traps" — so-called "network." A hot summer night in 1989 thirty-year resident of Ashgabat Alexander Sergeyev went to sleep on the porch. Before going to sleep decided to read the book. Suddenly the corner of my eye noticed a stir behind bars. Then right through the locked grate on the veranda floated a dark cloud from which protruded two long human hands. They reached out to Alexander …

In his youth, a man trained as a boxer. And now, in the moment of danger, he took a classic boxing stance and powerful uppercut slammed where, apparently, was to be alien head.

Fist stuck into something soft and cool to the touch. Uninvited Guest recoiled pulled from somewhere mesh diamond shape, size almost as a man, and shot her in Alexandria. Tom managed to dodge. But then the grid, as a living, began to jump on the porch, trying to catch the man. Finally she lunged forward, passed through … Alexander and gone. As for the "cloud" with the hands, it flew in the window and also dissolved in the air.

Also in 1989 something similar happened with the 16 year old school girl Natasha from Nalchik. Near the house, the girls began to pursue a substance similar to a mesh plastic. When you touch the grid Natasha burned fingers. She still managed to break free and run away …

In the old days, people believed that fairies sometimes place on the way to his country invisible barriers that mere mortals can not go there … And there are a lot of real evidence.

In 1935, Mayo (England) near the hill, known locally as "fairy fort" lost girl. She searched, without success. However, she soon returned home and told of his incredible adventures. After leaving the forest clearing, she felt a strange impulse from within, and then found herself surrounded by an invisible wall. The girl drove to the trap wall with his hands and calling for help. But rescue workers who have been very close, and did not notice it. Only a few hours later, the wall was gone.

Such phenomena are often found in the anomalous zones. Thus, near Tula, on the river Upa, a place where the air is sometimes a "resilient." There's not just people disappear.

On one of the roads of Northumberland cars from time to time run into the invisible barrier, and their passengers watch hronomirazhi — ghost soldiers in front of them dissolve into the air. In the XIV century fierce battle died down here …

In 1975, the "ghost wall" originated in a parking lot in Durham (North England). At least four drivers who were trying to find a space in the parking lot, ran into a wall … it disappeared without a trace, as soon as the police showed up.

"Walls" often arise around the landed UFO. Apparently, the aliens take precautions to protect themselves from the aggression of humans.

Sometimes invisible barriers protect people from harm. Kharkov George VI was on vacation in the Carpathians. One day on the way home he found a thunderstorm. Left to go two hundred meters to the suspension bridge across the gorge, when George suddenly felt incomprehensible heaviness, as if tied to them by Giray. Still, he found the strength to get to the bridge and reached out to grab the wooden railing. However, instead of railing fingers rested against something hard and invisible. Obstruction was smooth and totally transparent, like glass. At this point, the bridge was struck by lightning. The debris struck the gorge, "wall", blocked the way George, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs immediately disappeared.

Late on July 6, 1993 City Engineer of the Rostov region, KS Vostryakov back from guests. He was a little drunk, but not so as to adequately aware of what is happening.

So, a couple of blocks from home Vostryakov suddenly came across an invisible barrier and bounce on it. The wall is not allowed, and the engineer began to fumble around with his hands. It turned out that he is … invisible inside a vertical tube with a diameter of about five feet! The pipe goes somewhere high up. To the touch, it was very smooth and solid. Man began banging on her wall with his fists. All in vain. And then … on the cross street with terrible speed flew a car. As soon as she disappeared around the corner, invisible barrier around Vostryakov melted. If it does not, he would have been bound by a car!

The amazing story is Svetlana B, from Tolyatti. She and her husband and friends came for the weekend to relax on the river bank, the evening of them stuck company drunken guys. Hooligans ripped tent, demanded to give them all the bottles of liquor. They started to beat men and attack women.

Pockmarked thug approached Svetlana. She held out her hands as if trying to protect myself. And then … put her hand on something solid to the touch, like a glass or transparent plastic. Apparently, too, ran into a pockmarked wall. He leaned back and got out on his forehead eyes plopped down on the ground …

Nothing happened. Hooligans tried and sentenced to prison. The victims were alive and well. Only mystery invisible "wall" no one could solve.

The legend of the famous Shambhala say that this mysterious country also separated from the rest of the world transparent energy "wall." Behind it you can see the mysterious glow, hear voices. But now find yourself on the other side is not so easy — it is given only to a select few, those who are called "enlightenment."

You can certainly write off all such episodes to hallucinations. But this is not an isolated case! Then who are these entities and what they do in our world? Specialists on anomalous phenomena suggest, those who come to us "out there", we take in that manner, which is closer and more accessible to our understanding. World is multifaceted, and the entities that can cross the boundaries between the measurements may be many guises.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unbelievable »№ 23 2010

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