Evil Spirit in the Church

Often the church is a place where people suggest the witches spell. "Calculate" in their holy place is quite simple: the witches try to cross your fingers or arms themselves to the left hand on the right hand

When they get to his knees, then try in a position to cross the back foot.

Some witches start very quickly baptized with his left hand, that is, make the neighborhood: first baptized stomach, then the left shoulder, then right, and finally the forehead.

Can they be baptized and his right hand, but when completing a cross fingers applied to the abdomen, the sharp movement of the right hand behind the side as if dropped from the cross.

For witches in the church is a necessary condition to the back was always covered by the altar. They come out of the temple, where possible, their backs, as if retreating. This is because the spinal cord is full of nerve endings, and the rays of icons and altar badly burned witches back.

In the church, it does happen that you can bypass the counter-clockwise and poke you in the hand, then be behind you and suck out your energy. In such a case, do not hesitate, immediately hit the witch left hand, went back to spoilage.

Witches can do damage on the plugs, and try to keep a lighted candle in his hand. Pay attention to this circumstance, you lit a candle and began to a certain place in the church, and the candle suddenly covered with soot. Do not be lazy and look at his feet. This may be caused by the fact that your feet can be a needle.

When you put a candle "for health" before the icon of some saint and began to pray, do not let anyone from strangers to rearrange your candle and see to it that it had burned down to the end.

It is also possible make sure that your candle is not put out that it did not put another candle in a candlestick, and stuck to your candle in a candlestick, that is, do not give any chance to put on your damage.

For those who are just starting to go to church, you should know that if you hesitate in choosing the place where to put the candle, then to you with advice certainly try some witch come and say, "Put a candle and come back to the church." If a person is about to do thus, unwittingly, bring upon themselves damage.

If you're holding a lighted candle, and to you request to light his candle from yours, it is best for you will be if you politely refuse. Let lit candle from burning candles on a candlestick.

Sometimes it happens: is a candlestick, which has a small and large jacks for candles of different sizes. Suppose that small nests are occupied. Immediately certainly turn up "good old", which tells you to put your candle at the nest where the already burning one or two candles. Should be avoided.

Witches can be well recognized on Christmas Day, when you close the doors to the church. At this point, the witches try to hold out his hands for the lock to gain energy.

Pay attention to this circumstance is a woman or a man with a burning candle, a candle holding not vertically, but horizontally. This is usually done in cases where the damage to suggest someone from the family or friends.

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