Examples of ethnic strife in the territory of the former USSR

Examples of ethnic strife in the former USSRSpeaking of ethnic fragmentation, should pay their attention to the roots of its manifestations. Does it appear on an economic basis or is an inventory of some politicians to rise above others. State Now the question determines the maturity of the society. If your area of the country there is a grain of racial, national, religious strife, it will at some point, in the best case, a change of control of the country, in the worst case — to its fragmentation, accompanied by bloody civil strife.

On the territory of the former Russian Union formed a sufficient number of countries in which state the issue comes to the surface. Try to understand, from what does the rise of inter-ethnic tension in the life of modern society. At this point, there are several judgments, the main of which says to us that the higher the level of prosperity of the country and the higher the level of education, the less chance for the cultivation of ethnic and religious hatred. From this view, you can partially agree, but, apparently, as with any rule, there are exceptions and here. Continuing with the country, formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, rather look at the Baltic countries, where with respect to the highest level of public life and culture, remain unresolved national issues. With all this promise by forcing disconnection comes not from the Baltic people, and directed from the top. In other words, the municipal authorities are trying to do everything to forever sow discord between the Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians, on the one hand and Russian, which in Latvia alone home to 27% of the total population, with other. The only thing that must be recognized: inter-ethnic conflicts in the Baltic states occasionally run across a "hot" phase. Business or in the public mindset Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians, or is that "values the EU" everything is the same stand above the public interest, and therefore restricting the rights and freedoms of national minorities Baltic authorities simply and artfully drawn up at the legislative level. The unfortunate concept of "non-citizen" is now the main "achievement" of the Baltic democracy, which can be called completely ethnocracy when all laws are only so called civilization and the title for the title of civilization. Is not that one of the theses of the ideology of fascism, when the titular defines civilization, as they say, both being and consciousness.

Under the thesis of the manifestation of ethnic hatred that is based on the economic foundation, falls, for example, Kyrgyzstan. It would seem that the new president, received the majority of votes in the first round of elections on December 1, 2011, must first begin to consolidate society and solve the ethnic conflicts that disturb the republic for a long period of time. But Atambayev until something goes wrong either inside the country or abroad. For three months, with a small Spent Almazbek Atambayev at the helm of the country Kyrgyz clashes between some state groups are not only not over, but even on the contrary, increased. Exclusively in late December 2011, the local law enforcement agencies had to fix a dozen clashes between members of different ethnic groups living in Kyrgyzstan. In the middle of other conflicts may be referred to a clash between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in Osh, where the local police could not calm the raging mass. Another case of large-scale clashes occurred in the village now known Mayovka located near Bishkek. At first the "ultimate fighting" erupted between Kyrgyz and people from the Caucasus, and then in conflict trapped and Russian inhabitants of the village.

Conflict spread to other parts of Kyrgyzstan. Incidents that occur on the basis of the state, began to appear all over the country of Kyrgyzstan: Massacre between the Kyrgyz and Tajiks in the village Andarak, big hassle with the use of the "tools of the proletariat" between Kyrgyz and Dargins in Jany-Jer. Kyrgyzstan has swept a wave of ethnic clashes in 2012. Kyrgyz Committee for Security unveiled shocking evidence on the ground that the country is virtually unchanged on the basis there are about a hundred outbreaks of inter-ethnic conflicts, and the number is, it's sad, is not reduced. Chapter GNKB Kyrgyzstan Shamil Atakhanov from a designated number allocated 29 special unsafe conflict zones, most of which are located on the ground Batken region, where not stop clashes between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz (7 each inhabitant of the area — an Uzbek). In connection with the actual accusations own the address, the Head of Administration (Governor) of Batken Arzybek Burhanov hastened to declare that stupid to find those responsible for the outbreak of conflict in Kyrgyzstan, when most of the people in the country live below the poverty line. Indeed, the standard of living in Kyrgyzstan is very small. Figure annual per capita GDP in Kyrgyzstan is less than $ 1,000 estimated by the IMF and the Global Bank. Local government records give a figure slightly different from the designated target. Kyrgyzstan's economy is now at 135 in the world, "losing" even the economy of the country such as Papua — Bimbo Guinea. And despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan has only one tourist sector can bring big profits to the local treasury.
Now prepyadstviya ethnic Kyrgyz and can be solved by purely economic means. When about 60% of the population, according to sociological predictions, they do not believe that life has recently turned to the best, it is difficult to solve ethnic disputes. And continue to look to domestic strife can not be Atambayev, otherwise his fate awaits predecessor Bakiyev.

It is not that there are no ethnic conflicts in Russia. Suffice it to recall the example of the murder of a football fan, as it becomes clear that Russian society is undergoing a painful condition in terms of attempts at constructive solutions of inter-ethnic disputes. The worst thing is that we are for the near future are used to identify criminals by their nationality. The unfortunate phrase "Chechen terrorists" for the peaceful inhabitants of the Chechen Republic of sound as scary as our "Russian barbarians" or "Russian occupiers." From time to time it is very difficult, what is called, separate flies from cutlets. It is difficult to understand that their murderers, rapists, and corrupt military offenders are found in every civilization. And it is absolutely counterproductive to assume that all of the prepyadstviya or another town or village are to migration flows. Certainly, the problem of large-scale migration is taking place, and trying to distance itself from it's silly, but the relocation of people — it is a historical process, which observed at all times. The free movement of peoples — is one of the hallmarks of civilization. You can, of course, to use the new concrete walls and fences with stitching wire to separate the national minorities and ethnic groups, but is it out for a modern country.

Output, in fact, is, and he is not alone in the growth of human well-being of our state and improving education, and to prevent attempts to find new anti-heroes in the middle of other peoples. Of course, even more difficult to see than to destroy and to edify, but specifically in the joint creation lies the main lechuschee means of inter-ethnic strife.

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