Extinction of Russia is the banal reason

Now a lot of talk about reducing the population of Russia. In my view, this question is highly ideological, it is seen in the media in terms of the dominant ideology of today we have liberalism. It is natural for people who spend liberalism in life is very beneficial to present it in a pink color, and if the actual results of liberalism, to put it mildly, not very, then is propaganda that is the embodiment of all the failures of the mysterious features of Russia.

So, I repeat, in my view, the reduction of the population of Russia is a completely trivial reason. That is, certain laws of economics, which is determined by the cost of labor.

That is, the working force was restored to normal food, shelter, household products, recreation, leisure (entertainment), the possibility of keeping children (dress, shoes, feed, educate, etc.) that will replace the parents. These fundamental principles are violated in the economy of Russia. People are not corny enough money for children (there would lend itself). After all, I do not think anyone wants to condemn their children to poverty, so once again no one wants to risk their health and not their future children. Many see as they arrive, more humane refusing to have children. Therefore, there is no birth. This, in turn, in my opinion, influences and mortality, through the experiences of people about their disability, because the continuation of its kind in our inherent genetically it is one of the elements of "success" in our psychology, and once again at the genetic level! Hence psychosis and how this element effect on mortality, I have no data to someone figured out that influence, though I think the effect is not the last.

According to the concept of capitalism in order to maximize profits, it is one of the fundamental principles of liberalism, it is necessary to cut costs, including labor. Therefore, the "darling" of the domestic labor force is replaced by foreign. Foreign labor, it usually come from poorer countries lagging behind in development. Replacing an indigenous population in the work they create pressure on the labor market in Russia, leading to a decrease in wages, thereby reducing the possibility of restoring the labor force in the country. These employees are still, as a rule, do not live in Russia, and from the difference in exchange rates and because of the lowered bar needs willing to work for less money. Recovery of foreign labor is not in Russia, with the money taken out of Russia because of the difference in exchange rates and because of the level of development (less demand) is a restoration of the foreign labor force and the number of highly successful "gostarbayterov" will only grow, but it's only temporary anyway anyone wants their children the best start in life and I do not believe that gostarbayter dreams that his children were all their lifetime gostarbayterami. Therefore, foreign workers will inevitably fall, where better. The answer to this process by the liberals, they do not care as long as profits increase. But liberals do not include one, when there will be replacement of the Russian population, for the most part brought up in multinational and national tolerance, a national ethnic group in a more or less comparable to the percentage proportions, will inevitably change the elite. Former gostarbaytery not tolerate owners were people not of their number, and then no amount of money will not help, the old elite will be destroyed. The liberal elite like a moth flies to a candle, for profit go to all (remember Marx's "there is no crime, to whom I would stay because of the capitalist profit is 300%"), even seeing that their actions bring their own destruction.

In the moral sphere we are implanted liberal values, which focus only on profit. Therefore, we have promoted "success" liberal, it is "the most important career, glamor, fun, score a man by his money, and the family in the Tenth Plan." You see, what magazines, films for young people in our country, this is a quiet horror, one glamor, individualism and selfishness, driven to the point of absurdity, imprinted in the minds of the family is only a burden. Liberals need only workers in profitable, they can not be distracted by any nonsense.

The question what to do? Who will try to blame everything on elite gostarbayterov. But this is not all, though. But the issue is solved with gostarbayterami at times by several laws in the immigration policy of the state. For example, the prohibition of employment without Russian citizenship or residence permit (a person lived and spent, and not only earned and left, that is, to put it on an equal footing with the local population, then it will be a requirement to pay more ) and, in extreme cases, to attract foreign labor under the warranty companies and the state, with a list of very severe requirements and tax and to return to their homeland.

But here's what to do with jobs, which would provide a decent wage and amusement of the population, would create pressure on the labor market in the country for better pay. Where they come from? The liberal idea can not implement it. Need to dramatically reduce the cost of living and production costs. This can be done only by nationalizing the fuel and energy complex and resource base. Need to dramatically reduce the cost of electricity, fuel and gas. This is necessary so that our industry has become just a cost-effective, unfortunately we live in a climate zone that our costs for heating, electricity will never be equal to such expenses in the same Europe. But this is not possible with the current rate of development, will be returning soon decline. What makes our power, and they sign the WTO that the cost of gas, gasoline must be in Europe. Thus, we do not put ourselves in advance in equal conditions. For the same WTO we will have a level playing field and not in agriculture, although the overwhelming majority of our land, the land of risky agriculture. All for us crash. In my opinion, way out in the framework of the liberal idea is not possible, you need a different course of development. And of course, necessary to radically change the approach to ideology. Promote family values, because they are true, it is necessary to explain to a new generation, that the main thing in life is what trail you leave descendants.

All secretly want to have children should be to give people the opportunity.

Andrew Poteryakhin

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