Fairy circles kill and die

July 6, 2012 13:56

"Fairy circles" kill and dieOn the plains of South-West Africa are often found strange circular formation, devoid of grass and up to 12 meters in diameter. The locals call them "traces of the gods", and Europeans — "witches circles". Biologist Walter Tschinkel recently discovered that each circle has its life cycle, moving and destroying the grass inside.

Cause of the "witches 'circles' are still a mystery. On one of them, is the result of insect life, but it's unclear what exactly …

Walter Tschinkel able to study the dynamics of the development and movement of mysterious stains, using satellite imagery. It turned out that they have their own life cycle, which begins with the grass inside the circle die for unknown reasons. Then the circle continues to grow, but in the end, once again overgrown with grass and disappears.

Lifespan "witch circle" depends on its size and on average, according to the scientist, is 41 years. But there is a community-centenarians, the existence of which lasted more than seven decades. It is also noteworthy that, in the course of his "life" of the circles are constantly moving from place to place.

"Fairy circles" kill and dieIn Europe, the "witches circles" or "rings" often called mushrooms growing in a circle. The diameter of the circle can sometimes be up to 200 meters. Each year, adding to a dozen centimeters in diameter, the ring can exist as long as desired — from 30 to 800 years.

Similar formations are also called "Fairy circles" and attributed them to various mystical properties. Thus, people in Germany believe that these geometric shapes are marked sinister places where they spend their coven.

And the Celts, Scots, Irish and Swedes were convinced that the circles are formed where the night lead their dance fairies, elves, trolls, and other forest spirits. Common belief that if a mortal man accidentally sees a dance, the spirits can call him and invite him to join, and if you fail cruel revenge by sending the hapless various hardships and illnesses. If the person agrees, doomed himself to even more sad fate: the next morning to find him lifeless in the middle. There are also cases where the death, succumbing to the charms of the elves were extended to ten years in the future.
Dutch called "witches 'circles' nightlife gatherings devils who allegedly shot down here butter. Though what hell to deal with this woman's work — it is not clear … However, it was believed that within the circle can not graze cows and the milk spoiled. There is another explanation, related to the devilry much less: it was conjectured that the "witches' rings" are formed as a result of a lightning strike, and milk, as you know, has the property to turn sour during the storm, due to the passage of electric discharges. Can, hence the legend?

"Fairy circles" kill and dieThere were happy omens associated with "witches circles". It was said that the one who came across one of them, will surely be happy for the rest of your life: you simply have to enter the circle, and, standing there, make a wish.
Another legend relating to the "witches' circles," due to the treasures. As if the mysterious circle, like a mark on a magic map indicate the location of treasure. But to find an ominous ring in the woods and dig in it, hoping to get rich — not an option. The fact that the treasure hidden in the "witches' circles", conspiracy, and just in the hands not given. So, before you climb into the ground, should first find the "break-grass" (and certainly during its flowering) and rub her eyelids. And this wonderful herb blossoms, again as states believed only at midnight midsummer and very long. To get it, you had time to read three special prayers. In short, the task was not easy, it is not surprising that no one about the treasure found in the "Witch Circle", references are not preserved.
Of course, all this is from the mythology. But only in the beginning of XIX century, scientists have finally picked up a reasonable explanation for the phenomenon. They found that the mushroom rings are formed on old mycelium, the core of which is due to a lack of nutrients gradually dies and does not grow grass, and the edges continue to bear fruit. But the element of mystery still remained, because not all types of mushrooms form a circle. Because "witches' rings" and to this day continue to interest researchers and intrigue fans of all unexplained and mysterious.

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