Famous volcano Anak Krakatau, the newly revitalized in Indonesia

 Famous volcano Anak Krakatau, ("Son of Krakatoa"), located in a separating Java and Sumatra Sunda Strait, the newly revitalized, said on Monday the news Internet portal Detik.com.

"From September 2 to Anak Krakatau, announced a warning about the dangers of third-degree (out of four)", — said the head of the Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Surono (Surono) after being ejected "fire mountain" in the ash began to fall the southern province of Lampung Sumatra.

"Bandar Lampung (the provincial capital) and its surroundings covered with ash, Anak Krakatau," — said Detik.com Lampung resident Dickie (Dicky).

According to him, the layer of ash is not very large, but the presence of large amounts of it in the atmosphere causes problems with vision, and many residents of the province decided not to leave the house.

"From the vantage point (Volcanological Service) shows clearly that erupted Sunday evening Anak Krakatau, to date continuously emits a height of 200-300 meters from the top of molten lava" — told Detik.com observer TSVSGR Rono (Rono) .

However, until TSVSGR It is sufficient if the fishermen and tourists do not come near to the young volcano in the Sunda Strait grew up in place of one of the most devastating eruptions in history in 1883, a distance of less than a kilometer.

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