The fate of everyone connected with the fate of society and the planet. There are no coincidences. Since childhood, the person is ready for small or big things, depending on their abilities and inclinations. In any society, are necessary as the average man, and people who become an adult religious leaders, political or public figures. Way of life a person is defined before the incarnation. In what will be concluded its activities depends on the accumulated experience of the Soul in numerous incarnations (incarnations), the status of the Soul and the characteristic qualities of the human person.

People do not always justify the hopes of leading. His character and aspirations can apply a seal within the family, the school, the local environment, social structure of the state as a whole. Only a strong personality, overcoming all obstacles, can intuitively reach the intended Way *, to implement plans for the Spirit of the embodied soul. Even the most advanced and enlightened people can not always explain that the main reason for his choice, which was the impetus for his spiritual development.

This secret is hidden in the depths of being, in the archives of the soul, inaccessible to read the outer consciousness of the death of the individual. Everyone in life there are situations, circumstances where odd way, in spite of external influences and myself had to take actions that left their imprint on the whole fate.

They say that God works in mysterious ways, but each person has their leading spirit, who knows and anticipates every step of the ward. Knowing his character helps leading detailed plan events. Of the many options offered by the Spirit a person chooses what he is closer and clearer. Despite the errors, deviations from the line of destiny, profound feelings path can be completed with dignity, if the desire to know the purpose of life and of spiritual truth more personal ambitions and failures.

I am convinced that the universal laws of man only opens. They were, are and will always be, and their source is eternal. When people realize that all the laws in the universe, they will not have to fight for survival, and their fate will be a way like a light flowing road, the River of Life, which runs between the stars. During her will be sent to the top top space constructions, to the mysterious source from which they emanated. The path may not be easy, it's understandable, but it can become conscious and joyful in constant internal combustion, accelerate to achieve a great goal. Conscious Evolution and self-realization in the high aspirations always give positive results.

For more details about how a fate, how is it possible to learn about the past and the future, you will learn in the following articles.

*Way. Your Way is preparing a large number of things that you do not spend to much time preparing it. Your collective mind working with a conductor of thin bodies, and the way is prepared other creatures. Way — a chain of events have been scheduled in time and space, where each link in the chain is marked as a milestone on the Line of Fate. If one follows the intuition, then find their way unerringly. To reduce the search path Angels sometimes sum people who, consciously or unconsciously, made a sign, tips, stimulating awareness, helping to remove the pieces of information. Everyone must have been such a meeting.

Earthly dreams

Coming into contact with heaven, we often look we create
The reality of life between dreams and reality, in the heart of their store.
What would not happen, you know: life is given to us as a dream-epiphany
In which film exhibits, which are recorded in an instant.
This dream — and reality, and the story-tall tale, dreams, dreams and doubts.
As long as they believe, the thought comes to pass without delay!
Earthly life and the mysteries of Heaven intertwined in marvelous pattern,
As fate weaving profit and fiction, love and joy, pain and sorrow.
Let there be more light in the mind, then in his sleep and in waking life
Radiance of the rainbow covenant linking reality and dream.

Open Heart

We often talk about an open heart. What is it? Many people in the world are living with a closed heart. This suggests that they are living an illusion that you created yourself. Open Heart involves taking external conditions as they really are, whether they are pleasant, positive or negative, heavy. If there is opposition, the desire to escape from reality, it is isolation from the environment, the isolation in their own little world, in which the conditions of existence, by thoughts and desires. Normally, such a person can hardly understand his neighbor as he would not like it because his feelings are not available vibration emanating from this man.

The most subtle sense of the energy center — the center of the Heart. If it is closed, the representation of a person about the world is distorted. For a small opening of the center or close can be no development of the higher spiritual powers and abilities. Only with an open heart center can be a merger of the lower and higher-energy plans, the development of high sensitivity and understanding of the natural environment and people. In this connection it can develop a sense of God's love and compassion. Otherwise the development is not sensitivity and sensibility and function of the physical body. Hence the concept of animal love. Most mothers love is instinctual, and the majority of young people do not like, and make love. This is a result of the closing of the spiritual heart.

In life there is. People experience a great true love, but it is unfortunate for them, unrequited. Sometimes it is mutual love, but they can not save it. As a result of the experience, not wanting to go through the repetition of the heart suffering, losing hope for the best, people close to your heart. If it lasts a long time, the process may be irreversible. A person deprived of the chance to love and be loved. It can develop psychic powers, but without love, they become destructive to him and the people around them.

Remember the words of Jesus: "When will become as little children, only then will enter the kingdom of God"? Young children have not yet learned to hide their feelings, open, direct, honest. I urge you to discover the secret to all the people of the heart experiences, but closed from the outside world should not be. This is not about opening your life to other people, and the sincerity of feelings, a willingness to look at the world through the eyes open and receive information without distorting your conjectures. If people you insincere, and you get them wrong information, then that is their problem. With regard to relations within the family, this is where the need for open heart, then the relationship will be based on complete trust. Love inflames and consolidated under one condition: clear thinking, honesty. Then there were mistakes made are not perceived as painful, they are easy to forgive.

These concepts are given in terms of the spiritual laws and higher cosmic principles. You need to understand that when dealing with each other soul sees one another, all the intentions and feelings of energy transferred from one field to another. If there is even a little false, it all felt intuitively, causes irritation, protest and even anger. Insincerity and hypocrisy cause a lot of trouble in the family. In the knowledge that you will be easier to express their feelings, to communicate with the inclusion of some understanding of the weaknesses and shortcomings, accepting each other as you are. The same can be said in relation to other people. Many people are afraid to open your heart for fear of the big experiences. However, if you accept each other for what is, more experiences will be. If a person has high awareness and aspiration to the light, he controls his thoughts and behavior, thus improving. If he is not willing to, then you do it does not help, your experience will not change it. Based on this, it should be to build relationships. Man is so constituted that much aware, only experienced. All Souls as an individual, unique. It is desirable to see each other, and the world will appear before you in a new light.

Spirit of Freedom

If you have problems in dealing with people and nature comes from the fact that a person does not hear the inner "I" does not feel and therefore do not understand feelings of friends and relatives, is not aware of the motives of their actions. We can say that such a state like an animal. Animals do not yet have the mind, and their subtle bodies are different from human bodies and have different functions. Learning to trust their instincts, but at the same time observe the thoughts and honestly state the reason for emotional outbursts and motives of conduct, you can be free from blind imitation of fashionable trends and stereotypes imposed by the dominance of thought forms of others. Freed from foreign elements, not inherent in our psyche, you can be yourself, but should be clearly understood that this is not a call to permissiveness, imaginary freedom from duty and obligation.

Absolute freedom does not exist,
because we always associate with people of any relationship. Even a single person can not afford a free and deliberate violation of established public or universal laws, which reflect the state of consciousness of society and civilization. In any case, freedom of expression should not be shocking, into temptation or provoke the negative actions of others, because there is still a risk, even in the pursuit of good works is not understood, prompting protests and negative reactions.

The desire for freedom of expression — that's fine. Still, it can be as an individual, that should not be imposed in its internalanddenie subject matter, because it may be different and do not match the expression of inner freedom of others, but by and large to be so perfect, as unusual, to set an example. The desire for spiritual freedom is sometimes interpreted as permissiveness, "What I want, I do have this right!" Indeed, man is free to choose, that's the only choice may be inadequate, and then everything starts again: walking around in search of the right and guilty, to justify their own wrong actions, which again lead to frustration and suffering.

The human mind is compared to the rational soul is like the infantile mind, the soul and the mind in comparison with the mind of the Spirit is also small and inexperienced. Sometimes we call the Spirit or higher star "I" Duhomonadu or embodied part of her consciousness — the Presence of Angels.
For the person they are like gods, and therefore want to be the same, and free. The concept of freedom with respect to the Spirit, because anyone, even a highly spiritual being is still a lot higher, "I" on the following spatial levels above their consciousness, so in general, and in all evolutionary and creative processes observed hierarchy of building relationships. Freed from the thought patterns of the lower consciousness, it is necessary to make certain the terms of cooperation with higher 'I', but these conditions do not limit the possibilities, but only increase the level of responsibility. The higher level of consciousness, the greater the degree of responsibility, and the responsibility will still implies some limitations in the manifestation of desires. Absolutely free consciousness may be only able to nothingness, then there are no conventions and restrictions.

To be free, so do not depend on any conditions or requirements, but evolution always poses conditions for development, goals and requirements to achieve compliance with the essential parameters defined for each vibrational level of the space. The nature of the soul is different, but everything in the universe is subject to the laws created by the Absolute Idea, respectively, incorporated to realize its potential, and the potential of the collective sum of the components of the Higher Mind, continued his absolute Consciousness. It turns out that the Absolute to create a law to itself, in its own manifestations of matter in the form of various forms of life. He puts them to certain conditions and development challenges to eventually get not only the experience of knowledge of the process of evolution, but also result in the form of a certain effect, which occurs as the fruit of his dreams. Already at the beginning of the birth plan of Creation is always a archetype or image that aspires to the Creator and its hierarchy. To fulfill a dream, you have some terms and conditions require strict compliance with law, based on the best knowledge of the qualities and properties of energy, that is the inner essence of supreme Deity, is the cause of causes for the existence of life.

So hierarchically lower consciousness must voluntarily submit to the higher consciousness. If there is no free will, then it is violence, but violence can not give freedom of choice, so do not force the Forces of Light and not impose something that can give enlightenment, and only offer. Realizing that the hierarchical structure of the universe fairly reflects evolutionary levels and loop a form for the experience of existence, developed consciousness accepts this condition and freedom gives higher 'I' to be able to evolve. If consciousness is a rational being "loops" on the imaginary freedom, independence, and wanting to have a separate independent existence, it separates itself from the collective Higher Mind! Over time, it loses its connection with the energy of the universe by the bank, spending potential, but the new revenue will not be, because it is not being put energy of their work to the general "pot", so to make up the expense of nowhere.

Collective work always productive. In addition to the higher spheres of mutual aid and support — a common occurrence. Separated from the universe and the Supreme Reason being degraded and would not be able, if not aware of the misconception of freedom to develop. Did not learn to respect the opinions of others, to forgive and be patient to the imperfect manifestation of small minds, you can not log in Ray Consciousness Spirit. Big ego and arrogance — a hindrance to the soul's ascent. Self-abasement and lack of dignity also slows spiritual growth.

How to find a "middle ground" to adequately and confidently follow the line of Fate, have an opinion, following the guidance, but do not hurt other people? One way out — to give his imaginary freedom, excessive anxiety about the future, anxiety about the children of Divine Providence, Angel of the Presence, knowing the implementation plan of the Soul, and the material cares convey divine source. You still need to implement a plan to execute, so is not it better to do it patiently and with dignity? With such a balance of power is only with confidence to meet the new day, intuitively do what is intended, and gratefully accept whatever comes into your life. You agreed to this in advance before the incarnation, so be as consistent and generous! Free yourself from unnecessary emotions, trusting the inner "I". Inner consciousness has more idea about why given different lessons and tests. The mind does not always understand what is going on in difficult situations, and reacts inappropriately, but the mind is the soul finds in each case a wise decision, which will benefit all.

What to do with freedom, sometimes pushing to rash acts, causing a desire to suppress the opinions of others, pushing and lifting up his ego over those who are weaker or self-doubt? What to do if you want to be free so that he could not hear the voice of his own conscience and no empathy and compassion for others, because it seems that they do not deserve a better fate? All are equal before God, and yet the Forces of Light give priority to those who may not be holy, but tends to the light, is able to recognize mistakes and work hard, honestly acknowledging them, not sparing himself. Still, he does not stop, feeling that Power of the Spirit is so great that will overcome all difficulties, raise him on the wings of light, and exalt the spiritual sun, when the time comes to leave this world.

The belief that there is nothing more divine Spirit, inclusive, and all understanding, performs miracles of transformation, ennobles and elevates mortal being, making him immortal. Mistaken idea that only saints canonized church had special protection, so withstand the harsh trials. Currently, there are a lot of people, ordinary laymen, inconspicuous-looking, sensual essence of which is that they can be called holy because of inner purity. We live in a very difficult time, but there are people who commit their endless feat. They do not lend themselves to low desires, do not agree to a compromise, living honestly, rejecting numerous temptations. Rejecting the deal with his conscience, they find high unseen patrons to help them through their higher 'I' to be ourselves, while many leading a double life, humiliating the dignity of the soul. You can save the purity of the soul, being in the most difficult and even unbearable conditions. Force for that gives higher 'I', if you remember that you — the Spirit, embodied in a solid "vessel."

Spirit — a particle of the universal mind with the power of self-manifestation at all levels of the spaces. Such thoughts, we attract to life all that is best in him, and gradually accumulate spiritual power by which become like gods. Spirit wins when people are casting a dark past and accept spiritual guidance as a blessing and hope to climb to the highest realms, seeking to revive the divine essence! It is the triumph of Light, reached at the boundaries of space, where there is intelligent life, which caused her a place where there is no separation and suffering, where there is love and understanding, Home!

We are left to believe in divine providence. Awareness of the causes include an internal mechanism of healing the soul and therefore the physical body is literally on a cellular level. Harmonization is the subtle structure and configuration of the body at the harmonious sound in general chord sounds radiate energy in a complex system of tools manifestation of consciousness. Human bodies collectively emit single aggregate column energy with a specific frequency of vibration and sound.
If one or all of them, "upset", because of deregulation suffering consciousness. And it is the cause of discomfort and disease. Therefore, the cause must be sought in myself, not other people or situations that are only shown as a mirror image of what causes suffering and discord. Setting the vibration of consciousness Spirit helps to cope with the negative symptoms, make your life more harmonious and joyful, and the purpose of life — high, noble.

Excerpts from "The Transient and Eternal"

About Fate

People often think about the concept of fate. Is it possible to change it, how to do it if everything is already a foregone conclusion in the plans of the Soul?

Everything that happens to you, this is not real, the conventions that have to be made in the world of illusion. In response, you can say that the soul realizes plans through man. How all be fake, if subtle being hard to get a similar experience? This illusory world created by the lower 'I' multidimensional beings. He is like a theater with sets and actors, but higher 'I' will never be the, what is man.
The fact that the top "I" has a maximum program, and the person realizes only a small part of what he is offered a higher power. It's like he is offered a role in which he has to show the talents and abilities of the creator, the masterly skill, but is most often seen "gray" mediocrity distorting design director.

Rigid programs create a situation in which a person loses their roles, but he has the right to a religious rite, to dream, to change the situation, allowing the thoughts that come from within a hint director. Naturally, the inner "I" seeks to enrich the senses, refine emotional background, lightning illuminate the consciousness insight essence of the situation in order to complete it safely for all. However, the human mind, after reading a part, tends to repeat literally, not worrying about what all is complete. Lack of foresight, the fine intuition deprives man of creativity in creating your reality. Therefore, the human world is boring, gray, joyless. In an effort to decorate it, man creates artificial effects, improves mood and vitality.

Graduate "I" teaches people not to go on about the mind that the robot lives his limited views, thus depriving him see the joy, the creative force, the purpose of life, which would inspire him to elevate and enrich creative gift. This ability has only a spiritual being in the high level of consciousness.

Bad actor blames the director, employee, if the play was a failure, that is, a person's life was boring, uninteresting and dull. Maybe he meant a great role, versatile and bright, but he was not able to play because memorized "by heart" only that caught the mind, avoiding thoughts of internal capabilities. Limits the ability of the mind of man, since his function is to record the incoming data only in this incarnation. Its development can affect education or lack of it, the influence of education, the surrounding society. Environment will not be accidental, but still has the ability to self-education, self-awareness, and this helps Adjusters and lead Angel of the Presence. Even the most mediocre man without Adjusters may have chuvstvoznaniem, natural gift to hear the inner "I", but if the effect of the environment more of his mind, the plane of the soul can not be implemented. Instead of exciting performances, the regenerating man to light, can play a boring place, draw design creator (higher 'I').

You have repeatedly said that man is limited by many conventions, but he creates them himself. We do not encourage permissiveness, unethical behavior, promiscuity, because the freedom of the Spirit is expressed in a different.
Desire Higher Mind through the implementation of its plans in the enlightened mind is to convey to the human "I" message that, with higher limits will of the Presence, the person himself or herself as the manifestation of creativity, spiritual essence. Instead of gaining a higher spirit talents many people roll down an inclined plane into the abyss animal passions or indifference, go around in the confined space of their existence. Break out of this vicious circle can only consciousness, to develop sensitivity, flexibility, not limiting itself to the knowledge of the world and trust their inner essence, as the particles of the Universal Mind. The man escaped from the pack, finds divine individuality and the ability to create personal destiny, manage events and times, so it's his own director, partner "games" of the Gods, in which he was an employee, co-creator. The veil, which limits the consciousness that creates the illusion falls away, lose the desire to live stereotypes produced by people, values that degrade the spiritual dignity, diminish the possibility of manifestation of the Spirit.

In life there are times when one person influences another person the power of his convictions. Well, if that belief has positive results, but more often than not, on the contrary, because of the imperfections of the human mind. In Space is a program called alien, imposed in addition to programs to teach man his Spirit. It would seem that the Spirit (the Angel of the Presence) should not allow this, because each embodied being plans incarnation. Especially because it has a certain strength not to take unnecessary information, but this is as an educational process and allowed for a person to obtain a sense of discernment and internal energies of others. Alien Program not invade the body of Atma (self-existent spiritual consciousness), it is impossible, and the mental body of man (The lower 'I').

Soul (spiritual identity) uses as an instrument of higher mental body and the mind of man — the lower mental body. For this reason, other people's programs do not affect a strong internal "I" (soul), but may have the upper hand in the minds of the lower 'I' person. If the soul is a young (little life experience), it can also prevent a similar impact on the inexperience. Strong mind will never allow foreign interference. Man admits his confidence because of a higher power, self-doubt, the blind worship and obedience to another person, who has made his idol or considers himself stronger and smarter. Seeing this, the Spirit waits comes insight, but the victim is unlikely to realize if there is no experience or consciousness is not very developed.

On Earth, there is a struggle for every soul. Dark implement their programs, light forces — their own. Who will win? The fight takes place in the mind.
If you realize this, being in the world of men, how much more can act, but did not break the law, that is, not directly, but through God. Most important is the motive intentions, for what ye do deeds and as. If unselfish motives, the Spirit is always on the side of human rights and helping to overcome negative obstacles.

Many Children of Light — pure, delicate soul, very sensitive, sensitive to the truth of this world. Stiffness and many lie just gave way, "knocks down", and then to achieve them all and sundry. Therefore, as the angels protect them from putting programs in which they appear with a closed spiritual heart. It affects their spiritual growth, slowing progress toward God, but they become less vulnerable and vulnerable. However, these programs work for long because the closed-spiritual heart can not take place in the ascension of the spirit, and when consciousness becomes tougher and wiser, then blocks in the heart center is removed, there is a rapid spiritual growth.

Excerpts from the book "The Man — the creation of the Supreme Mind"

Colorful Life

In people there is an expression: life is striped like a zebra, but we would add that it is colorful. It is believed that the bands in life are only black or white, but still them — lots of variety. O'clock on space for people living their lives without fail one cosmic cycle, with rare exception, when leaving the incarnation in its infancy. One cosmic cycle — is the period of consciousness through the twelve signs of the zodiac energy,
each of which defines the basic qualities of a Creator of the Rays at this level. Rays have their own individual vibration, color, sound, features spiritual qualities.

Astrology is close to unraveling the formation of human beings, but does not consider the effect on their consciousness of the main beam of higher 'I', the leading man in the incarnation. In addition, the master can be connected to Ray Ray Monad country (chakra of the planet), race, nationality, Egregor (each Egregor has a program made from a combination of energy). The main beam, which influences the minds of people — Ray planet of evolutionary problems of humanity. Complete embodiment of man is seven cycles, but not all people live a full cycle. I want to remind you about the impact on humanity energies of the Moon, which fit into a common chord energy down into the space people. Together they create a mysterious mosaic, where you can see how wonderful patterns and clumsy, and sometimes ugly blotches.

Who weaves the threads of life, creating a non-repetitive patterns? You say that the Angels. It is, but there is a procedure by which every creature is subject to the overall design of the embodiment, and the angels are his top performers. Canvas fabric of life played on a plan of the Creator in the solar system of its hierarchy, which includes a lot of departments. They are developing the leading programs that form the basis for playing the mental matrix with the cipher code of each individual (soul).

In our solar system created about 60 billion human Monads. This amount is divided by the number of primary podluchey second ray Creator. Each group of Monads evolving within the world of one planet. These groups are called monadic families and have common goals. Monadic families work on one main ray of the planet, but the beam is differentiated again subluchi that define monadic individual task.

— Within these groups there is a division in the subatomic units of consciousness, which in the embodiment will be referred to individuals.

Differentiation of energy available in all the space level. Accordingly is division units of consciousness of the Monad, so in each unit is an expansion of consciousness of the Monad in the energy spectrum.

On the physical plane people over a full cycle is influenced ideally one hundred forty-four types of radiation.
Since the day a few of the Rays in the minds of vibrating bodies, and with a view of human communication with other beings, we can say that he (man) is in a sea of energy of varying quality. Most often, the human body reacts to the vibrations, similar to vibrations.
These people are very quick to find a common language, which means that they may have similar views on life, nature, direction of thinking. That's what people are like-minded friends. By the same token, some people become intolerant to each other, apparently, they are inconsistent according to the vibrations of energy. The program realization is made so that the circumstances of life evolved on the basis of color of a rainbow display, changing the frequency of vibration, that is, a combination of different energy rays. Uniformity and monotony of a negative impact on the human psyche, promote internal extinction Fire. To support this need all the time to add fresh "air", that is, renewable energy. Then the mental programs are included at full capacity.

Man becomes a seeker of new knowledge, the meaning of life, all the feeling. Such a number of diverse energy can only absorb light carrier code, because its matrix of consciousness different from the matrix of consciousness common man.

— In the minds of the matrix of light as a standard embedded light spectrum in the amount of four hundred and forty types of energy.

— In the matrix of consciousness, no light code as the standard there is a spectrum of the twelve types of energy.

If, within this incarnation energies mastered, the task is completed. If not utilized, it is repeated in the next incarnation. Then the other person will work, the other individual, with other people, but the milestones of life that can be repeated. So it will be for as long as the IPAP will be executed. The higher human consciousness, the greater and wider color range of its energy and mental state. Each reaction of thin bodies on the energy surrounding area expressed a flash of light in the aura. A gifted, sensitive, human development is seen in the rich spectrum of radiation energy. Regardless of his achievements in life in a material sense, the social hierarchy in society, for its most important development of the Monad subtle bodies, mental health problems, and as a result — the quantity and quality of energy, which deals with people. The energy spectrum of consciousness determines the quality of life. The purer and more varied colors of the aura, the richer the soul, the greater the "multi-colored" life. Such a person is referred to as a bright personality.

All "multicolority" energy imprinted on the palms of hands and soles of the feet. This is a print of the Spirit. Strains recorded milestones of life. Passing these milestones, the person possessed the qualities of energy affecting it cosmic rays. Clairvoyant can see the lines in color. The value of the lines in palmistry with color energy can define the nature and level of consciousness of a person, his mental characteristics. The more palm dotted lines, the rich nature of man, the many-sided personality.

In the mental body of the person over the head you can see a few characters used to define the basic consciousness Rays:

— The system of worlds;

— Monadic family;

— Belonging to the "seeding" of one of the ancient civilizations, constellation (The ancestral home);

— A symbol of race and sub-race;

— The symbol of cosmic kind, if soul came from the higher cosmos.

At the end of the cycle Manvantara descend to Earth Gods. On his forehead, they have secret press, but they can only see the high initiation. Their presence on the planet briefly. The aura of these people very beautiful, and the color combination is so harmonious that the gray mass of the people, they are seen as wonderful flowers on the gray rocky mountain slopes. In its highest aspect of these creatures in the matrices of consciousness have a standard ray energy spectrum in the amount of 144 x 12 (at Level Space Center superuniverse Orvonton). You can imagine the variety of energies that they own? Their state of consciousness — this is pure Light.

Excerpts from the book "Triumph of the Spirit"

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