Father Nikolai Statkevich received a postcard from her son

On Tuesday, the father of former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich Statkievich Victor, who lives in Baranavichy card came from the son of the KGB detention center. January 19 Political Prisoners father Viktor Pavlovich 85 years.

"Very glad I got the news. But currently it is not a word was written. "Dear Dad, I congratulate with Happy Birthday. I wish you health, strength and energy. Take care of yourself. Much I love you. "About Me — words. Only" Dad, I'm sorry I could not with you mark your birthday. "That's all …"

Viktor Pavlovich says that many experienced in life. In the war 16-year-old the boys helped the guerrillas cut poles to damage relationship to the Germans, when they were already retreating. For this, he nearly lost his life, his father had saved:

"The Germans seized me, one of them pulled out a gun and fired. But my father had a close. The last German bullet killed my father, and I'm still alive … The Nazis did not have finished. Since then, I am afraid of nothing.

Even the fascists are not abused by people like this.

But even the Germans do not scoff at people like this. For what I was going to cut those posts? I cry every day, every day … "

Father Statkevich very worried about his youngest son, he knows that he is on hunger strike. A character's son stubborn, and just like that he did not stop the hunger strike. Viktor Pavlovich — a widower, lives in Baranovichy one. The eldest son — in Ukraine, granddaughter — in Germany, the youngest son — behind bars. Viktor Pavlovich said that now receives lots of letters of encouragement from various people, even complete strangers.



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