Federal Chamber. Moment of the truth

Federal Chamber.  Moment of the truth

From a small seed, sown with faith and love, rose grand forum — a beautiful, wide, generous and a little mysterious, as she's Slavic soul.

"Dip in the atmosphere of the festival, one clearly understands: Slavic unity is. People all want to live in the heart of one family — peacefully, happily and safely … Our festival has gained adherents on all continents of the world and a high rating. This means that there is no force that could be able to consign to oblivion that great noble impulse, which was born out of "Slavic Bazaar", and our very friendship. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State

Twentieth consecutive summer sound callsign International Art Festival "Slavic Bazaar". He has become a part of history — and not just the old lady and Vitebsk Forum Belarus and many other countries. During the difficult period when the Soviet Union collapsed and constituting its constituent republics scattered to "national quarters", it was cultural, as the most delicate nature, among the first to realize that you can not cut down a single stroke bonds of fraternal peoples. And the "Slavic Bazaar" was in this respect a significant event, a powerful symbol of unity, demonstrating the appeal of the idea of right and bringing the people on the basis of common human values.
Opening the forum in the last year of Art in Vitebsk, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko aptly that knowingly anciently said: "Together — not strained, in apart — even throw." It is in this truth. Awareness of the depth of our roots, a staunch ideals of unity gives strength to keep going, to ensure that the aspirations of our peoples prevail, no matter what the obstacles.
"Paradoxically, the fact is that we sometimes do not appreciate our available in the hands of the greatest wealth — the historical and became a natural community. And this at a time when Europe and other regions tend to group, moreover, at any cost — going to the victims, to the detriment of the interests of the individual and even the state. Because friendship is much more valuable than any calculation, "- said Alexander Lukashenko. The Head of State is deeply convinced that they are mistaken, "Slavic brotherhood who withdraws in obsolete and unfashionable ideals." And the "Slavic Bazaar" — one of the brightest confirmations.
The festival has become a mirror of the recent history of the Slavic and other peoples. He was born two decades ago on the basis of feelings of deep bitterness at the imposed fragmentation, but also the great hope that all is not lost, reminded Alexander Lukashenko. "Then think did not think about a world-famous superproject. We just saved the most precious thing we have been soaked with mother's milk — Slavic brotherhood ", — said the President of Belarus.
Today the "Slavic Bazaar" has become part of not only culture, but also a great policy, a meeting place for government and public figures of different countries, has found supporters on all continents of the world and a high rating. At its venues were tens of thousands of artists from more than 60 states. This means that there is no force that could be able to oblivion and the great noble impulse, which was born out of the festival, and the friendship of the people itself, said Alexander Lukashenko.
Unlike many other international festivals "Slavic Bazaar" — a forum where anyone not impose any standards and conditions, but rather to appreciate and cherish the artistic personality of a true talent. In Vitebsk, with the same warmth and love meet as a spectator recognized stars, and still very young performers. "And, believe me, is worth a lot in today's world, where a culture of increasingly forced to retreat before the attacks show business, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — Belarus is proud to be a creative career of many famous artists began precisely at the stage of the Summer Amphitheatre in Vitebsk. Our festival is characterized by its connection with the ancient spiritual sources, where not only Belarus, but European culture as a whole there is room. No chance for holding it selected the July days in which our ancestors celebrated the summer solstice and Midsummer — holidays, symbolizing the triumph of good, prosperity and harmony. "
Belarusians centuries venerated traditions, but at the same time not in the least infected by nationalism and open world. This feature of the national character has led to another important feature of the festival — the perception of a unique and distinctive culture of any nation as a great value, the desire to do everything in order to, learning the art of each other, the people came to peace and understanding.
"Thus the festival is making its invaluable contribution to solving one of the most pressing challenges facing every nation of the planet: how not to lose your face in a globalized world, to preserve the unique treasures of thought and spirit accumulated ancestors. Indeed, some say that we are interesting precisely because of its difference from the others. So let the festival and reflects the spirit of the people, will be the same kind, open and generous "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

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