Feng Shui is the guardian of business


There are different ways to treat the teachings and paraucheniyam that supposedly help a business thrive. However, it is difficult to find someone who had never heard of the "fen-Hive." It is believed that the signs work when people inspire self worth and their psychologically adjusted to the expected outcome, which, of course, brings its reality.

According BritishProperty.ru, in recent years, many Chinese are paying attention to the teachings of Feng Shui — wisdom, its roots go back to the third century AD.
According to legend it can affect the success of the life and career of man. About 20 years ago, Feng Shui has become popular in the U.S. and the UK, and since the mid 90's "captured" Russia. Many reputable companies of the West, such as the American Chamber of Commerce, the British commercial bank using the services of experts in feng shui, organizing and monitoring resulting from the Chinese doctrine of the results and compare them. Moreover, among the subjects that are taught in European universities can find lectures on Feng Shui. Many of the capital's entrepreneurs operating in the East, believe that if they did not use Feng Shui, their business would not have had any success.

If you pick up office space for its headquarters, it is useful to turn to the teaching of Chinese in relation to the work room. You want to know his story. If the previous tenants were so successful that we chose to move to a higher quality office, then this option need to pay attention. If on the contrary — the previous tenant is bankrupt, it is necessary to look for other options.

If the neighbors of the proposed office — successful businesses, that's a big plus to this room. Location of business offices near the funeral, most likely, will not contribute to success.

Be prejudicial to the business office buildings, standing on a T-shaped or V-shaped intersections and when looking at the facade of the building opposite corner. Those facilities, which are located in separate office centers according to Feng Shui will bring success.

As the Apartment.ru, internal decoration of office space to be an extraordinary, bright and furnished with taste. Do not be redundant properly spaced plants, mirrors and pictures. Elements of interior, orientated diagonally, at an angle to the mills will bring the room more useful. Cluttered areas under Chinese teachings are considered problematic space of stagnation.

Workplaces must also be organized optimally. So, to work with his back to the door or window is not recommended, is better positioned diagonally tables. In this case, the workers will not share their views, and to create the conditions for a possible confrontation and conflict.

Especially the Chinese doctrine suggests paying attention to the manager's office. It should be moderately spacious and bright, it is advantageous to characterize the nature of the host. The workplace should be positioned so that the head could see the whole area of his office, including the front door.

Renting or buying office, the company needs to think not only about the price issue, but also focus on the areas of success.

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