Finally earn a EuroNest?


January 14 in Brussels will host the first meeting of the working group to establish the concept of Euronest. On it are going to review the documents already prepared by the European Parliament, and to determine which documents should develop a group.

To date Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, or 33 countries, and is not working. Although in March will be a year as European policy makers have launched this project. Holding back his Belarus — its representation in the new international organization is still to be determined.

With the other 32 states no such problem: each sent a EuroNest deputies from its national parliament. But the difficulty with Belarus. In EuroNest includes parliamentarians from 27 countries of the European Union and the European Parliament does not recognize the legitimacy of the National Assembly of Belarus.

To a compromise in Brussels — 10 split seats, 5 between the National Assembly and civil society — there is no agreement of the official Minsk. In Brussels for today's meeting was originally collected from the democratic community Sergei Mackiewicz and Ales Bialiatski. But their trip did not take place.

Vlad Velichko

National Coordinator of the Civil Society Forum of the "Eastern Partnership" Vlad Velichko says the situation in EuroNest lately has not changed:

"The whole situation that went into crisis because of the situation with the Belarusian delegation, and remains to this day. Only in principle has been accepted as a political solution to the problem with the Belarusian delegation should not freeze the whole idea of Euronest. Therefore, as I understand it, European institutions are looking to start EuroNest without Belarus. "

And how to treat the problem of the Belarusian Hungary — Presidency of the European Union? Ambassador to Belarus Contra Ferents said that this issue the EU has no common opinion:

"And because of that work has stalled Euronest. Course, we would like to see this structure worked. However, get involved in it, we can not. I think all partners understand — to participate in the" Eastern Partnership ", including, and EuroNest, there are certain conditions. whom they please — that will be involved, and who does not — maybe it will not. This is all a matter of the next few months, I think. "

Contra Ferents

The brutal behavior of the Belarusian authorities summoned the statements of some European politicians to exclude Belarus from the "Eastern Partnership". Vlad Velichko said National Platform CSF expressed its attitude to this:

"Of course, the appropriate sanctions by Europe should be. First of all, it concerns the freezing of direct relations with the government. And not only in the framework of the" Eastern Partnership. "This is — within and tehnichnay assistance, and an interim plan, which was last year actively Europe discussed with Belarus.

But it must be noted that the "Eastern Partnership" was the opportunity of Belarus' accession to Europe. And I think that the "Eastern Partnership" should stay the entrance channel of the Belarusian civil society in European affairs. "

Formula Euronest — "27 +6". This means — to the Parliamentary Assembly comprises representatives of 27 countries of the European Union and six other countries of the "Eastern Partnership". In this Six — Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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