Finders. Riddle northern Shambhala (09/12/2012)

December 11, 2012 7:30

Our eternal thirst miracle, a passion for all kinds of puzzles, which keeps the history of humanity, does not know borders. From generation to generation the ancient legends and mysterious. Events of antiquity still excite the imagination of people, making us again and again to look for the treasure hidden centuries ago, to believe in the existence of other, more ancient and wiser civilizations, trying to unravel the meaning of the mysterious messages that were left to us by our ancestors. To find the truth and solve another mystery of "The Searchers" explores how the chronicle sources and objects found on site of historic events.

The fame of the mountain Kisil spreads around the world today is truly a cosmic speed, presenting it as the power center of the Earth. Many people consider the mountain sacred place Kisil having sacred significance as Easter Island or the Shaolin Monastery. Calling this mountain Northern Shambhala, people believe in its ability to provide energy impact on the body and its healthier.

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