Finnish kid tore his passport in front of TV cameras

In general, nothing Finland organized this "service care"
"Hands off our children" — with posters came today union activists of Russian citizens to the Finnish Consulate. There was a picket in support of Russian mothers.

The main organizer of the event was the public organization "Union of Russian citizens." The purpose of the picket — to protect every Russian mother in a strange land.

Fight for women's rights came Inga Rantala and his son Robert. Finnish authorities intend to take care of his family. With all the boy broke his Finnish passport. According to Inge, Robert did not want to be a citizen of a country that is willing to take his family.

Robert, son of Inga Rantala: "I made my choice and I want to abandon the Finnish passport and citizenship. I will serve Russia. "

Recall that in recent years in Finland, there were several high-profile scandals involving children Russians. The last was the case with the family of Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya. Guardianship authorities seized four children, including a five-day baby. Alleged that his father punished him smack.

Daria Grandfather, the Promoter: "We have the example of Inga Rantala, which today is indicative refused Finnish citizenship of his son Robert, that is not sweet in a strange land, where for a long time and hard work mechanisms of juvenile justice and without trial, by the decision of officials seize sometimes on spurious grounds, accusing all the deadly sins of the parents. "

The organizers and participants of the picket expect that this type of protest can act on the Finnish government and lead to a change in social policy for families.

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