Flew to Central America Tropical storm Harvey

Flew to Central America Tropical storm "Harvey"On the coast of Central America hit tropical storm "Harvey."

On the territory of the region there is a strong wind and heavy rain. According to the National Center for the Study of hurricanes USA, "Harvey" can lead to flooding and landslides, which is especially dangerous for people living in the mountainous regions, RIA "Novosti".

Storm warning announced in some parts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

In addition, in coming to America another tropical cyclone "Irena", which was formed in the Atlantic. Its speed is up to 90 kilometers per hour. Cyclone may affect the territory of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. According to forecasters, by Tuesday "Irena" reaches the coast of Cuba.

Dominican Republic is assigned red danger level. On many islands of Central America declared a storm warning.

Since May to November in Central America is the season of tropical cyclones, accompanied by powerful storms. They mainly operate in the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States. The most destructive hurricane in the Atlantic basin was Hurricane "Katrina" hit New Orleans in 2005.

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