Fly away! March 10th we will fly to another asteroid,


An asteroid the size of 35 meters is already close to the Earth. To the naked eye celestial body in our latitudes can be seen on March 10.

A week ago, an Australian scientist Robert MakNaud discovered in the constellation Feed unidentified flying object. Soon he was identified as an asteroid. Celestial body was given the star the size of 19, which corresponds to our 35 meters.

As told to the correspondent of "City Watch" lecturer Kharkov planetarium astronomer Natalie Bershova, asteroid, immediately after identification, was named after the DD-45.

"Watch the asteroid will be in the Far East of Russia, then the object will move in the direction of the constellation of the northeastern and southern parts of Diderot Virgo" — explains astronomer Kharkov.

According to astronomers, March 10 object can be seen at the night sky with the naked eye, as well as take pictures. And even amateur cameras.

Recall the night of 23 to 24 February, and early in the morning on February 24 Ukrainians could see the comet, "Lupin", which at that time came as close to Earth.

And on Monday, March 2, the outer body width from 27 to 40 yards flew past Earth at about 13:44 GMT. If an asteroid collided with the Earth, then, as scientists say, it would have caused an explosion, a power equal to thousands of atomic bombs.

March 2 cosmic body was "only" 72 thousand miles away from our planet. This is the fifth of the distance to the moon and almost twice as far as the location of the orbits of motion of various satellites.

According to astronomer Natalie Bershova, activation of the heavenly bodies is explained by natural processes occurring in space, and nothing abnormal about it.

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