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We appeal to the audience the show "Game of the Gods", to all those who respect and appreciate the work of Sergei Stryzhak, to all who follow the path of revival Heritage Slavs!

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In the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
About misconduct Prosecutor of the Republic of Bashkortostan for presentation to the court for recognition of extremist materials series "Game of the Gods"


We, the viewers and admirers of director Sergei Stryzhak, appeal to you with the following.

As we know, October 15, 2011 was filed in the civil case № 2-3463/11 «recognition of information materials extremist" in relation to the series "Game of Gods" known and respected worldwide director — documentarian Sergei Stryzhak.

In this regard, I would like to clarify the following questions.

Article 13 of the Constitution contains a provision: "The Russian Federation recognizes ideological diversity. No ideology can be established as a state or obligatory. "

Ideological diversity is the right of individuals, social groups, political parties and other public associations:

First, freely develop theories and ideas about the economic, political, legal and other devices Rossiyskogogosudarstva, ie is the freedom of political opinion;

Second, freely promote their views and ideas with the help of the media, and through the publication of monographs and popular scientific works, thus offering an impact on the political process;

thirdly, easily to be active to introduce ideology in practical: to develop policy documents of political parties, draft, other documents containing measures to improve, restructure the social and political system, ie freedom of political action;

fourthly, to publicly defend their ideological views, to actively debate with other ideologies;

Fifth, it should be based on the spiritual heritage of the past in solving their program objectives;

Sixth, to petition the courts or through other organs of the State address the barriers associated with the implementation of the right to ideological diversity.

Called state-legal forms of realization of the ideological diversity can also be implemented in the course of a campaign.

Citizens of the Russian Federation has the right to adhere to a particular ideology, to participate on its realization, this choice should be a conscious, voluntary and independent.

State may not impose any ideology of citizens, which they are required under pain of criminal penalties or other share, learn, advocate.

In Part 5 of Article 13 of the RF Constitution contained the following provision: "… The creation and activities of public associations, aims and actions are directed at changing the constitutional system and the integrity of the Russian Federation, undermining its security, creation of armed groups, inciting social, racial, national and religious hatred. "

Article 29 of Chapter 2 of the Constitution states:
1. Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and speech.
2. Propaganda or campaigning inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity. The propaganda of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic supremacy.
3. No one may be compelled to express their opinions and beliefs, or to reject them.
4. Everyone has the right to seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any lawful means. The list of information constituting state secrets shall be determined by federal law.
5. Guaranteed freedom of the media. Censorship is prohibited.

We, the admirers of the director, historian and documentarian Sergei Stryzhak, claimed that they had not violated the previous rights of Russian citizens. Moreover, we believe that every Russian citizen should know their past, the past of his people. This is what worked Strizhak creating films under the title "Game of the Gods", collecting the crumbs of the traditions of our ancestors, with the aim of educating the younger generation.

We know that the movie "Game of the Gods" has a high cultural and educational value. They talk about our past, show the tradition and way of life of their ancestors. Awaken in people the desire to learn more about their roots, to raise children in the traditions of his people.
Of any wrongdoing, called for the overthrow of the constitutional order of Russia in his films has been no speech (which you can see by looking at them.)

In this regard, please acknowledge wrongful actions of the prosecutor of the Republic of Bashkortostan for presentation to the court for recognition of extremist materials series "Game of Gods", as well as to withdraw the above statement from the court.

Viewers movie "Game of the Gods" from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and the UK.
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