For the Greeks observed the UFO. The Israelis: this is already known


One of the most popular versions that extraterrestrial life exists, and hidden by the authorities, has recently re-confirmed. Once a year the Greek authorities suppressed the fact of observation of a civil aircraft an unidentified object, the information was published.

Flight 266 Greek company "Olympic" was flying Athens-London, where staff said at 3:20 am an unidentified glowing object that was moving to the west of the capital. The captain reported the incident to the control room, adding that besides him UFO like no one famous flying machine in size and appearance, this time see all of its people.

According to the version of the Air Force of Greece, the object was not seen on the radar, but it was possible to observe firsthand. At his side were sent two F16 fighter to knock down this unknown luminous object, but it has accelerated the speed of flight, and disappeared into the sky.

It happened on November 11, 2007. The fact of the accident has not been published, and was kept secret from the public until a few journalists have not found the details of the 'cold' meetings and witnesses who could confirm the incident. Official sources in the government of Greece's claim that it is a misidentification of a glowing star, nothing more.

In withholding information, the local press accuses the authorities of the airport, soon after the first publication replaced all of its copies of the original documents, uncensored. These reports in the Greek media Israeli Center for the Study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life has reacted with little enthusiasm, according to News1.

According to sources from the center of the starry glow in UFO sightings already mentioned in the testimony in the 50's. However, it should be noted that in the past year, governments in Britain, France, Chile, and Brazil have started to disclose the documents on this subject, which have been kept secret for more than 40 years. Two weeks ago, it has also acceded to Denmark, which began publishing thousands of documents and evidence.

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