For the tireless work of the KGB. January 17

Chronicle of repression. Searches, detentions, interrogations by the KGB and the police are continuing in different cities of Belarus.

21:34 The correspondent of "Radio Radio Station" Gorki with the KGB did not return

January 17 at noon KGB detained a correspondent of "Radio Radio Station" Boris Gorki. It is still unknown where the journalist Gorki.

The arrested Ivan Kulikov, who was trying to move out as a presidential candidate

After questioning by the Department of Internal Affairs of the former District Condo candidate for president was detained for 72 hours.

19:27 In the office of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna" was searched. KGB officers showed resolution signed prosecutor of Minsk. The search was conducted in the framework of the criminal case on events in the area on December 19. As witnesses kagebisty led neighbors. On offer Valentin Stefanovich also understood to stay KGB officer politely replied: "Valentine, your services will not be needed."

The Vitebsk region — again interrogated by the KGB

In Novopolotsk KGB interrogated Sergei Hmarava

Was summoned for questioning Novopolotsk resident, who served 15 days in jail after Zhodinskaya rally in Minsk on December 19.

The site of Radio Liberty were located in two parts of his memory and reasoning of the Ming and share custody. Now, says Sergei Hmara, "These guys gave me the inspiration for the third."


15:40 Unidentified trying to get to the office the human rights center "Viasna". The deputy head of the organization Valentin Stefanovich said that on the other side of the door, "the whole team." Stefanovic does not exclude that the security services will try to break down the door.

Brest detained for "Solidarity" was released

The detainees in the morning on January 17 in Brest BCD youth activists released after three hours of detention at the police station Leninsky district of Minsk.

Boris Gorki — the KGB

The radio correspondent for Radio recorded interviews with the relatives of the prisoners in the prison of the KGB in Minsk.

Detentions for the "Solidarity"

January 17, police detained Ivan Stasiuk, Yuri Bakura and Victoria GRISHANOVA in front of Brest Regional Executive Committee.

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