For those who have illusions about the U.S. and wondering which of them is best for us presidents

Correct answer: no. Now, as to why …

U.S. presidential election ended in a convincing victory of Barack Obama. His opponent — Mitt Romney — conceded defeat. Sing and rejoice all the American people, and with it, and the fans there the democracy that triumphed again.

However, the Office for Democratic Procedures and Human Rights at the OSCE recognized that the presidential election was held with large disturbances. About 50 million U.S. citizens were unable to vote because they were not registered. In a few states of the European observers generally not allowed to land. And in Alaska and Tennessee they were imposed such restrictions, they even refused to work there.
Yevgeny Fyodorov, deputy of the State Duma: "As you know in the United States occur periodically election in which people vote for one candidate, but because of the system which is in the law of the country, select a different candidate. It was before. Now this situation is repeated. Because an estimated Romney won voters more electors but less than ohms. Accordingly, Obama was elected. In this case, the United States does not have any claims to democracy, well, such as the Baltic, where hundreds of thousands of people, even the right to vote for twenty years have not. The fact that they support Saudi Arabia, where the medieval concrete monarchy, in which a man and words can not say. Also it's not important. "
The electoral system of any country is worthy of respect if it complies with the general democratic principles and supported by voters. In the U.S., these principles clearly violated, with criticism from human rights organizations, media and the average American does not cause the desired effect. And in spite of that the United States take on the right to criticize and in some cases to challenge the election results in other states because of their alleged undemocratic. From the point of view of American government, of course. And this is not even a double standard, it's much worse.

Yevgeny Fyodorov, "U.S. Presidents — theatrical figures"

Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov says that U.S. policy in general, no matter who is the current president. Obama or Romney — there is not much difference, because all of them — a big figure in the theatrical world view.

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