Foreigners in the islands are waiting for help

In Thailand, as a result of severe flooding cut off from the world of thousands of foreign tourists, including more than 600 Russians. On the popular resort island of Koh Samui for several days are heavy rains, raging storm. Closed airports, ferry services interrupted, destroyed roads.

According to the Russian embassy, the lives of our fellow citizens are safe, but they need to be patient and wait for help. For the evacuation of local residents and foreign nationals, the Thai authorities have already sent to the disaster area warships.

Andrey Dvornikov, head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Thailand: "The evacuation of tourists and locals Thai authorities sent an aircraft carrier. It is assumed that people will be transported from the island to the ship in small boats and rescue helicopters, an aircraft carrier then will head to the mainland.

This morning, the rain intensity decreased slightly, which will partially resume the airport. In particular, from the island, according to our information, flew three aircraft with tourists. Now Samui Airport has accumulated up to five thousand people who want to leave the resort area. "

The victims of the strongest in decades floods are already 11 people. Six provinces of Thailand declared a natural disaster. It destroyed homes, no electricity, paralyzed transport, lack of drinking water, reports NTV.

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