Found a pond with Noisy aura


The most common Kazan located near a pond where carp are bred crabs and fish, has been recognized by the abnormal area. From time to time, standing on the bank of the pond, you can hear the sounds of unknown origin.

Sounds reminiscent of a door creaking and grinding of metal, the machine gun fire, and human groans. Rationally explain these strange sounds, finding the cause of their appearance gusts of wind, you can not: the sounds are heard in calm weather.

Research association "Kosmopoisk" has decided to explore a mysterious zone that really has been recognized by the abnormal, contrary to expectations (the fact that "Kosmopoisk", who organized the expedition to the "anomalies", often the target of jokes and "anomaly" turned out a hoax). Gone to the pond
four men led by Maria Petrova.

What appears to the eyes of researchers looked pretty bleak: the dead, dry, broken and burned trees on the banks, huge ruts and gullies, near the pond — a dense forest. It was possible to hear the sounds — squeaks and pops. What is this? The creaking trees? It is unlikely, because there was no wind. Here is the first mystery.

But it is not the only one. Very much it was unusual form of trees growing in the pond. In birch with a branched trunk dvoilas each branch, and these branches in turn has been divided into two. We stand near the two branches of the limes were similar in shape to the waves of the sea. The impression was that these trees someone intentionally gave strict form.

In a small birch grove on the shore of the pond grows well strawberries. All trees and shrubs, except birches, were dry. Here, measurements were made using bioramki. The results showed that the Grove is a geopathic zone. Such zones are often found in areas that had once been subjected to flooding. But how to explain the possible flooding of the burnt trunks and the appearance of abnormal "voice"?

Experts on bioenergy say that some natural phenomena may be accompanied by a release of energy that is able to influence all around, for example, cause the death of trees and an altered state of consciousness in man, one of the manifestations of which — hallucinations (including hearing aids).

However, it is unclear why the negative energy is not destroyed all the plants and all the animals in the area. Does not explain it, "curly" trees. Despite the fact that the evidence of UFOs and aliens in this area is not, perhaps, what is happening in the anomalous zone — the result of the influence of a certain reasonable start.

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