Frogs croak, not only in the marshes

History knows many striking cases, when, for no apparent reason zanemogshie people believed that their illness is caused by a frog in the throat or lizards and snakes live and grow up in the abdomen. And, oddly enough, often suspected cases turned out to be correct.

Horse urine — the best way to settle in his stomach reptiles

Renowned physician Ambroise Pare in his book "Monsters and amazing people" leads, in particular, the case of 12-year-old son of Pastor Zacharias Dyublereyna Berolzeym village in southern Germany. After several bouts of extreme pain, cramps and vomiting mucus boy eventually spewed many insects, as well as 21 triton, four frogs and a few toads. Local church diagnosed incident as "possessed by the devil."

Doctors who treated and was surprised that, when suffering boy brought from the hospital to the fresh air, to give him a little bit to recover, in the nearby pond zakvakali frog, and the frog in his stomach, which he had not yet izrygnut became loud croak in answer.

Stopped because it is a miracle: the boy was given to drink five bottles of horse urine, which, in the opinion of the pillars of the church, is the best way of settling in my stomach reptiles.

In the same German XVII century lived some Geysslerin Catarina, which was known for its constantly "vomited toads."

When in 1662 she died, doctors, in search of the truth, were quick to discover her body, but did not find any evidence that in her body samozarozhdalis tadpoles, which then turned into frogs.

The famous Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus describes the story of a woman from Lapland in the abdomen which were three frogs croak which can be heard. In 1760 Linnaeus advised women to use liquid resin as a cure — to remove the animals, but she preferred to drink vodka in large doses — though it did not kill the creatures, but, at least, make them happy and quiet.

A sensation in scientific circles in England of the eighteenth century caused a twenty-five farmer Mary Toft of Goldaminga, which in the years 1726-27 … bore a litter of rabbits!

According to his relatives, and in particular, her husband Joshua Toft, it all started with the fact that Mary is constantly talking about rabbits during her pregnancy, so some scientists have concluded that the rabbits instead of the normal child were born it sometimes 2-3 pieces a month, under the influence of prenatal experience.

Several of these abnormal births took place in the presence of the most famous English physician and, in particular, the court physician to King George I.

This dangerous midday sleep

Believe in these medieval stories with difficulty. Although, as you know, any story — a lie, but there is a hint.

In Azerbaijan, the 11-year-old girl named Matanat, asleep in the field after harvesting tomatoes, woke up with a terrible and strange sense of presence of something alive in her stomach. The girl was rushed to a hospital in Baku.

"I almost lost for words — remember the surgeon, Professor N. Akhundov — when the office flew me anxious parents …

— Doctor! — They shouted excitedly, interrupting each other. — Save it! She swallowed a snake! "

Complex operation was planned. But some of the nurses guessed advise deep irrigation. The girl was forced to drink a half liter of saline solution, after which the cat vomit Caucasian snake length of 25 centimeters, which crept into the girl's mouth while she was sleeping. The victim left the hospital an hour later, feeling much better.

In another case, in Vitebsk, the dead girl's autopsy revealed that small really penetrated her airway, which was the cause of death. Oh, probably while sleeping child crawled into his mouth, and then in the stomach. Crawling out of the stomach, he inhaled, cause coughing spasms, resulting in stuck there. That killed the poor child.

Several years ago, two Kyrgyz fisherman camped at Lake Issyk-Kul. In the morning one of them became ill: in the abdomen to feel the presence of something living, stirring.

Suddenly began to vomit, and a few minutes spent in painful spasms, fisherman began to regurgitate a centimeter at the snake, which seems to have herself was not averse to leave the shelter so uncomfortable. Initially mouth fisherman seemed snake head that constantly hissed, showing fangs.

Fellow fisherman kept his head, grabbed her hands and crushed. Then he carefully pulled from his throat all the body of a snake. This proved to be quite painful, as the snake was thick and also tough scales scratched and bleeding mucosal tissue throat. When reptile finally removed, it was found that this snake. Its length is 20 cm

A similar situation was a resident of the Guinean town Labe named Kansavara. Arriving at the hospital, he complained that his stomach was moving something cold …

Doctors with x-ray machine found in the stomach of a patient ball and removed it with a probe. He was a living snake, thankfully, non-toxic.

Kansavara explained that he lay down to rest in the afternoon in the shade of bushes, fell asleep, and he dreamed that his throat pours thick and cool liquid. This snake — inhabit underground burrows — slipped into her open mouth sleeping worker and entered the esophagus into the stomach.

Not so simple!

As you can see, the incredible stories of past centuries, when people exhausted "devilish games" in their belly, belched frogs and other amphibians are under a fairly simple explanation.

However, it should make a reservation, not for all cases. Take the same rabbits Mary Toft. Or the same frog "with human features" face ", which as recently as 2004, has managed to have a resident Iranshehr Iranian city, located in the southeast of the country.

According to the Iranian newspaper "Etemaad" assumes that grew out of the frog larvae in women. How could this happen, could not figure out. Edition only quoted experts who argued that the frog has shown some features typical of the people.

In particular, specialist in clinical biology Aminifard doctor said that the shape of the fingers, tongue, as well as the size of the frog, which was born as an unusual way, very much resemble human.

Iranian scientists have suggested that the "virgin birth" occurred when a woman swimming in a dirty pool. It was then allegedly got into her body alien larva.

How was unusual pregnancy and the birth process, the Iranian press has also been reported. Silent physicians about the size of the frog and its future. Apparently, this was pretty good reason.

What? In principle, it is not difficult to guess. Well what this researcher does not want to follow the development of existing, hitherto not known to scientists?

Although, why not "known"? Not long ago, a botanist from the Netherlands Sylvia de Haas found in the wilds of the Brazilian Amazon humanoid monster, sort of a man-frog with green skin, the ability to jump to nine meters in length.

Dutch researcher for 18 years studying the life of a rich flora of the Amazon jungle and is considered an expert on the giant water lilies "Victoria" with large floating leaves over a meter in diameter. Incredible creature she saw when we were seated at one of the lilies.

Sylvia first thought that the heat she started hallucinating, and then within a few minutes of watching the man-frog as there did not notice the woman and rode away, jumping from lily to lily like a real frog, and then disappeared in the water.

Sylvia said the distance between the leaves of water lilies, and found that the shortest jump was four meters, and the longest — nine meters. Probably a monster could jump even further.

"Without a doubt, the man-frog — a creature that was the evolutionary path is very different from the ways of man, — said at a press conference Sylvia Haas. — Even though it is small: about 90-120 cm, — he has his hands with hand and finger of a man, and on his chest a little hair. However, he has also wet-looking skin, and facial features (muzzle), like a frog — the big, bulging eyes, wide, thin, lipless mouth and a long, incredibly powerful frog legs. "

Dr. Haas refused to specify the exact place where she found the man-frog to prevent the invasion of the curious. Now it is again going to the Amazon jungle to continue his studies. According to some sources, she wants to visit some Indian village, which is rumored to be home to the mother of man-frog — an ordinary woman who conceived an incredible creature, as well as a resident of Iran, after swimming in a dirty pond.

By the way, did you know that in the past in Russia, it was believed that the frogs — are former people utopshie during the Flood? According to legend, the time will come, and they again become people, and we are living today, we turn into frogs …

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