From Obamas required to reveal confidential information about UFOs


American ufologists appealed to the newly elected president of the United States with the requirement to disclose classified information on UFOs. "The Government is time to declassify records that more than 25 years, scientists and submit data to help determine the true nature of the phenomenon," — said at a recent press conference, John Podesta.


Bill Clinton, he led the White House administration, and now leads a team of specialists in the transfer of power to Barack Obama. Similarly expressed and Bill Richardson. To him, the governor of New Mexico (state, in which, according to legend, defeated the "flying saucer"), tipped to post in the new cabinet, Komsomolskaya Pravda.
In response, were inspired ufologists. But it took a lot more, "Remove the ongoing six decades of the embargo on the truth about the presence of aliens." Seekers of extraterrestrial truth headed lawyer Stephen Bassett.

— Obama needs to get away from the military leadership and the heads of the intelligence services a full report of the alien presence on Earth — said Stephen. — He has to put pressure on the new Congress, that he immediately began proceedings by examining the evidence and the testimony of government witnesses. The president must formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence to the American people and to declassify for the peaceful use of extraterrestrial technology.

Obama has so far said nothing. But his predecessors — almost all the presidents of the United States of XX and XXI centuries — solemnly promised to investigate. Moreover, they had seen a UFO. According to ufologists, did not understand anybody. In part, kept his word only Jimmy Carter (1977 — 1981), who during his presidential campaign, saying: "I am convinced that UFOs exist …" Under his rule, was given access to thousands of documents. And even received the right to sue the secretive government agency seriously has earned the law on freedom of information.

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