FSB has stood up for the Khazars

FSB has stood up for the Khazars

According to various media Far East on July 11 a resident of Birobidzhan Sergei Bezgodova FSB agencies endured "severe warning" for being at the intersection of Leningrad and the Soviet Birobidzhan he posted a banner dedicated to the destruction of the Khazar Khaganate. The anniversary of the defeat of Khaganate Rusichi celebrated annually on July 3, the website DPNI.org.

Bezgodov gave the following explanation for his actions: "We put him 30th. I hoped that he would hang up on July 4. Rejoice Russian. Let other nationalities hang your banner. What's the problem, I see. To any organization I belong to. And what kind of Russian business? They are Russian. Russian and Russian — different things. Russians may be people who were naturalized, arrived in Russia. For me, there is no word "Russian", but there is "russ", "Rusich". And the language of our Russian".

Comment Site "Our Country": "The scientific community and not only have long known that the Khazar ethnic group, who so zealously undertook to defend, government officials and officers of the security services no longer exists in nature! But someone apparently Bolshevik vain itch in one place did not give or give rest and this one of the "elite" has sat still "rock dinosaur eggs"! But it is very likely that hatched from these cumbersome "bastards" will "pseudo-naturalists" from the same policy not a good "service" as their forefathers from the immortal Bulgakov's novel".

Banner of the defeat of the Khazar Khanate in Birobidzhan is only historical. Such a conclusion was reached by the expert — the candidate of historical sciences, assistant professor of the history of the Far Eastern State University of Humanities and social Azarenkov Alexander, who gave expert evaluation of the content of the banner, "July 3, the 964 day of the Great Russian victory over the Khazar Khanate":

'Image and text displayed on the banner include the historically informed about the events that took place in the middle of X century and associated with the campaigns of ancient Kievan prince Svyatoslav Igorevich against the Khazar kingdom (khanate). Khazar Khanate, as well as the people who live in (conventionally called the Khazars in historical science) has long disappeared as a political entity, and as a kind of ethnic (national) conglomerate. Moreover, the current understanding of the Khazars in the almost complete absence of extant sources (documents) are almost exclusively mythological, and therefore can not be tied to any specific modern national community (the people). Although it is assumed that the tip of the Khaganate shortly before 964, converted to Judaism, Khazar Khanate and then remained a multinational and multi-confessional political entity, where, and it is absolutely, unequivocally, can dominate any single ethnic or religious group (community). In other words, the state of the Khazars in fact, was not Jewish, or Jewish.

In the lower left corner of the banner to use the mark (character), which is typical of a stylized image of the universe of the pagan peoples of the region of North and Central Europe (including the Scandinavians and Slavs in the pre-Christian era). This symbol has no specific reference to a particular national community, and, therefore, the historical and cultural context is not specific nationalistic. This symbol was placed on the banner, most likely, as the data (maps) era in question (X century, pre-Christian period in Russian history.)

Thus, in the content of the text and images posted in the banner no direct insult to the national feelings or a direct call to action against a particular nation or national community. All the more so, given the legendary character and age (over a thousand years ago), displayed on a banner event for the vast majority of the population meaning shown unlikely to be adequately understood".

Without a doubt, the initiator of public awareness of our historical heritage incurred some problems so bright outdoor advertising. And recent outdoor advertising could pall everyman, so printing catalogs is much more effective means of promoting, attracting and informing the client. By the way, the price per print will probably be a lot cheaper than for outdoor advertising.

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