Gallakticheskaya Odyssey rocket Zenit

Why Russian "Energy" rescues Ukrainian project which refused to "Boeing"

Everyone is clear: to gallakticheskoy orbit revolve gallakticheskie funds. And it often happens that these funds are dissolved into "black holes." Not only in space and on the ground.

In late August, re-elected this summer managing space-rocket company (RCM) "Energy" Vitaly Lopota made a resounding statement that in the coming five to seven years, our home will be able to make a super-heavy carrier rocket to fly to the moon and to Mars.

With all of this, saying the plans of creation of modern Russian heavy-lift rocket based on the "Zenit", he said, as reported by the publication, forgot to mention that the "Zenith" — Ukrainian, not Russian rocket. And it is quite glossed over, for what, in fact, such a missile needed.

Rocket "Zenith" is developed under the famous Russian designer VF Utkin in Dnepropetrovsk CB "South" in the early 80's and is done at the factory "Pivdenmash", located in the same area Dnipropetrovsk now independent Ukraine.

Lopota proud of the project "Sea Launch" of launching missiles "Zenith" from a floating launch platform "Odyssey." Is there a utility for the Fatherland from this activity?

Without questioning that the Ukrainian rocket "Zenit" contains Russian engines and uses Russian upper stage "DM", we note that the fraction of Russian role in the rocket "Zenit" is estimated spices not more than 50%. If you associate a rocket "Zenit" with one hundred percent of Russian missiles, is an entertaining thing: if a dollar each zabugornogo startup Russian missile Russian businesses get a buck when you run the "Zenith" — only half of this amount. If you take the cost of international treaty 100 million dollars and multiply by 34 commercial launch undertaken under the project "Sea Launch" on this day, it appears that the Russian industry has received less gallakticheskaya already 1.7 billion dollars. And as the capacity of the "Zenith" owned by other Russian launch vehicle, and then read that "Zenith" brings additional orders is not necessary: there would be no "Zenith" — would be launched on a Russian rocket.

In June 2009, "Sea Launch" filed for bankruptcy, the company's total debt to creditors amounted to more than 2 billion dollars. Company was doomed from the start, because in addition to cost billions of dollars to create a platform "Odyssey" and the command ship "Sea Launch" suffered yearly operating loss of more than 100 million dollars. When companies "Boeing", the main shareholder of the then "Sea Launch" tired invest their own money in the multi-million dollar cover losses and to give guarantees for new loans verbovaniya covering all mounting losses, 'shop' that is called, was closed.

It is logical that with such a record of the list of "Sea Launch" in the West, there was no way of creative investors to invest in the entry of the company out of bankruptcy.

But the knight on the white stallion still was — it was exactly the sovereign Lopota. In May 2010, a subsidiary of company Of "RSC" Energia "-" Energia Overseas Limited "has agreed to invest 155 million dollars to the rescue of the" Sea Launch "in exchange for a 95% stake in the reborn" Sea Launch ". In addition, the "Energy Overseas Limited" invest another 30 million dollars to finance the ongoing activities of the company "Sea Launch" until the final exit from bankruptcy.

But even if the giant "Boeing" has failed to bring "Marine start"From the loss, then what counted" Energy ", acquiring a doomed company clear only Vitaly Lopota. Investigate the source of a similar generosity — after 185 million dollars out of thin air does not arise. None of the big Russian or the West Bank means of "Energy" on the revival of "Sea Launch" is not provided, and of desperate investors with foreign currency for the bags is also not visible, after all, at the moment is not the beginning of the 90s.

Public financing for the purchase of the company is possible. It turns out that if there was no external resources, the way an exception, we conclude that the specific own funds of "Energy" became a source of unprecedented generosity. But allow me to tell you where he got "Energy" took the free money in such amount in order to save a drowning man "Marine start"? And here we should remember about the loss of the funds allocated for manned spacecraft "Soyuz", which was announced in May of this year. It is not clear, it was government funding of "Union" or not, but the "Sea Launch" "floated" … As the saying goes, look out around the beginning — and you'll understand almost everything.

Well, swam and swam out for themselves, but in the way of success got tremendous monetary suspicious customers — well, they do not believe in the resurrection raschudesno "Sea Launch" and did not want to sign new contracts. Risk of repeated "flooding" significant. Since the return of the project was signed by only one new contract to start — with "Intelsat", and this, mind you, after two years of "resurrected" of the company.

All for the same time period was started four apparatus. And they were not all good — evil tongues they say that most of the funds received under these agreements "Sea Launch" before the bankruptcy and, of course, sunk into oblivion together with the company. Since the latest company "Sea Launch" "Boeing" of sponsors is not listed, and "Energy" took the place of the head of a shareholder, then the logic goes that close the financing gap in the "Sea Launch" may just her.

But "Boeing" bigger "Energy" was, and still could not resist. How many more "Soyuz" then we can be short? In the near future Roskosmos was better to count, so the new focus may fall.

Here, apparently, has come a great idea: what if we make the newest heavy missile at the base of "Zenith"? Under such amount of financing you can write off anything, including the continuation of cash injections into the ever-dying "Sea Launch".

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